Subway and Metro Train Maps and Information

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The website provides guides featuring handy and useful information about the route lines, time table/ schedules, stations, ticket prices and discounted fare cards of major subway, tube and tram systems located in famous cities of the world. Apart from being able to access the subway maps you will also get to know about the daily and annual ridership data of the metro system. So, go ahead and browse through our metro guides and commute with an ease!




·         Airport Rail Link
·         Al Mashaaer Al Mugaddassah Metro
·         Almaty Metro
·         AREX
·         Astram Line
·         Bangkok Metro (MRT)
·         Bangkok Sky Train
·         Beijing Subway
·         Busan Metro
·         Changsha Metro
·          Chengdu Metro
·         Chennai Metro Rail
·         Chongqing Rail Transit
·         Daegu Metro
·         Daejeon Metro
·         Dalian Metro
·         Delhi Airport Express Metro
·         Delhi Metro
·         Dnipropetrovsk Metro
·         DX (Shinbundang) Line
·         Foshan Metro
·         Fukuoka City Subway
·         Guangzhou Metro
·         Gwangju Metro
·         Harbin Metro
·         Hangzhou Metro
·         Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway
·         Hyderabad Metro
·         Incheon Subway
·         Jaipur Metro
·         Kaohsiung MRT
·         Kazan Metro
·         Kiev Metro
·         Kochi Metro
·         Kobe Municipal Subway
·         Kobe Rapid Transit Railway
·         Kolkata Metro
·         Kunming Metro
·         Kyoto Municipal Subway
·         Lausanne Metro
·         Manila Light Rail Transit System
·         Manila Metro Rail
·         Mashhad Urban Railway
·         Minato Mirai Line
·         Moscow Metro
·         Mumbai Metro Rail
·         Mumbai Monorail
·         Nagoya Municipal Subway
·         Namma Metro (Bangalore Metro)
·         Nanjing Metro
·         Nizhny Novgorod Metro
·         Novosibirsk Metro
·         Osaka Municipal Subway
·         Pyongyang Metro
·         Rapid Metro Rail Gurgaon
·         Rapid Rail (Malaysia)
·         Rinkai Line
·         Samara Metro
·         Sapporo Municipal Subway
·         Sendai Subway
·         Seoul Metropolitan Subway
·         Shanghai Metro
·         Shenyang Metro
·         Shenzhen Metro
·         Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (MRT)
·         St. Petersburg Metro
·         Suzhou Rail Transit
·         Taipei Metro (MRT)
·         Tashkent Metro
·         Tehran Metro
·         Tianjin Metro
·         Toei Subway
·         Tokyo Metro
·         Wuhan Metro
·         Xi’an Metro
·         Yamanote Line
·         Yekaterinburg Metro
·         Yokohama Municipal Subway
·         Zhengzhou Metro

Adana Metro
Amsterdam Metro
Amsterdam Trams
Ankara Metro
Athens Metro
Baku Metro
Barcelona Metro
Berlin S-Bahn
Berlin U-Bahn
Brescia Metro
Brussels Metro
Bucharest Metro
Budapest Metro
Bursa Metro
Copenhagen Metro
Copenhagen S-train
Docklands light railway
Dubai Metro
Dubai Tram
Frankfurt U-Bahn
Genoa Metro
Glasgow Subway
Hamburg S-Bahn Metro
Hamburg U – Bahn Metro
Helsinki Metro
Helsinki Tram
Istanbul Metro
Izmir Metro
Kharkiv Metro
Lille Metro
Lisbon Metro
London Underground (Tube)
Lyon Metro
Manchester Metrolink
Marseille Metro
Metro Bilbao
Metro de Madrid (Madrid metro)
Milan Metro
Minsk Metro
Munich U-Bahn
Naples Metro
Nuremberg U-Bahn
Oslo Metro (T-bane)
Paris Metro
Prague Metro
Rennes Metro
Rome Metro
Rotterdam Metro
Seville Metro
Sofia Metro
Stockholm Metro
Tbilisi Metro
Toulouse Metro
Turin Metro
Tyne & Wear Metro
Vienna U-Bahn
Warsaw Metro
Yerevan Metro





Agence Metropolitaine de Transport
Baltimore Metro
BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit), San Francisco
Calgary C Train
Chicago L
Edmonton Light Rail Transit
Go Transit
Long Island Railroad
Los Angeles Metro Rail
MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority)
MBTA Subway
Metro-North Railroad
Metrorail (Miami)
Mexico City Metro
Minnesota Metro
Montreal Metro
New York City Subway
Ottawa Train
Panama Metro
PATCO (Port Authority Transit Corporation)
PATH (Port Authority Trans-Hudson)
Red Line (Cleveland)
Santo Domingo Metro
SEPTA(Philadelphia Metro)
Sky Train Vancouver
Staten Island Railway
Toronto Subway and RT
Tren Urbano
Washington Metro
West Coast Express

Algiers Metro
Belo Horizonte Metro
Brasilia Metro
Buenos Aires Underground
Cairo Metro
Caracas Metro
City Circle
City Loop
Eastern Suburbs Railway Line
Epping to Chatswood Railway Line
Fortaleza Metro
Lima Metro
Medellin Metro
Porto Alegre Metro
Recife Metro
Rio de Janeiro Metro
Salvador Metro
Santiago Metro
São Paulo Metro
Teresina Metro
Valparaíso Metro


Metro Transit Systems in the World Public Domain Metro System in the World

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