Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (MRT)

Singapore Mass Rapid Transit Information 

The Singapore Mass Rapid Transit, or the MRT, as it is popularly known as was a small metro network to begin with. Back in the year 1987, it first began operations, thereby becoming the second oldest metro network, when compared with its neighbouring countries. The city places great emphasis on developing a sound public transportation network, with the MRT, greatly contributing to this. It currently runs on 5 lines, with 1 additional line that’s in its construction stage. If, things go according to plan, in addition to these 6 lines, 2 more lines will also be constructed. These 5 lines, run across a length of 170.7 km, while serving 102 stations along the way. SMRT Trains and SBS Transit are the two companies responsible for the operations of this massive network. Their dual participation in its operation makes it easy to integrate the metro with the other means of public transportation that are available. As a result of their continuous efforts, the MRT has a daily ridership north of 2 million passengers, as of 2015.

Singapore Mass Rapid Transit Map

Map of Singapore Mass Rapid Transit System showing various line and Stations.

Singapore Mass Rapid Transit Timings and Frequency

The metro service starts operations around 5:30 am and runs around midnight daily. The frequency of the trains during peak hours from 7-9 am is 2-3 minutes and about 5-7 minutes during off peak hours. During public holidays like Chinese New Year, and festivals like Deepavali and Hari Raya Puasa, the metro services are extended.

Singapore Mass Rapid Transit Fares, Tickets and Cards

The fares on subway are distance based and riders pay only for the distance they wish to travel. Standard tickets can be purchased for both single and return journeys. The ticket can be used within 30 days from the date of purchase and can be used up to six times. A deposit of 10 cents is included in the purchase price of the ticket, which is refunded on the fare of the third trip. A further discount of 10 cents is also given during the sixth trip.

The passengers have the option of payment through a travel card or a ticket. For adults, the fare starts at 83 cents for upto a distance of 1 km and goes upto 228 cents for over a distance of 40 km. These are the travelcard fares, cash tickets are slightly more expensive. Adults have an option of purchasing a monthly travel card for $120. With this card, they can make unlimited use of the metro and bus services in Singapore. The fare system for students is highly subsidised. For upto 3.2 km, they are charged just 38 cents, and for distances over 7.2 km, 59 cents. Students have various options to choose from when it comes to the purchase of monthly passes. Different passes are available for different students. The price of these passes start at $20 and go upto $85.

Senior citizens are required to pay 59 cents for distances upto 3.2 km. If travelling more than 7.2 km, their fare increases to 92 cents. People with disabilities too, benefit from discounted fares.

For more information on the fares, tickets and cards, you can visit the official website at:

Singapore Mass Rapid Transit Parking

The Singapore Metro offers park and ride facilities to metro passengers in most stations. The standard park and ride timings are between 7.00am to 9.00pm from Monday to Friday. Passengers must pay parking fees SGD$30 for parking their vehicle. The coupon parking system offers a daily park and ride services to metro passengers from 7 am to 9pm and it will cost SGD$3 per coupon.

Singapore Mass Rapid Transit Rules and Tips

Smoking, drinking and eating is not allowed at stations and inside the trains. Permission must be obtained for photography and video filming at MRT stations. The stations are equipped with various maps to guide the passengers.

Singapore Mass Rapid Transit Lines

Currently SMRT offers service through 5 lines. Singapore metro uses destination number and all the five lines are recognized by its name and color.
● North South Line – The north south line started operation in 1987 and the metro offer service between Jurong East and Marina South Pier. The length of the route is 45km serving 26 stations. The extension of this red line was completed in 2014.
● East West Line – The east west line started operation in 1987 and the metro offer service between Pasir Ris Changi Airport and Tuas Link Tanah Merah. The green line is 57.2km long serving 35 stations. It makes the longest MRT line in Singapore. It takes almost 63minutes to travel between terminals.
● North East line – The north east line started operation in 2003 and the metro offer service between the Harbour front and Punggol. The purple line is 20km long serving 16 stations. It will take 33 minutes to travel between terminals.
● Circle line – The circle line was opened in 2009 and the metro offer service between Dhoby Ghaut Marina Bay and Harbourfront Stadium. The orange line is 35.7km long serving 30 stations. The line is fully automatically operated and it takes 1 hour to travel between terminals.
● Downtown Line – the downtown line started operation in 2013 and the metro offer service between Bugis and Chinatown. The blue line is 4.3km long serving 6 stations. The extension work of this line is under construction and stages2 and stages3 is planning to get opened in 2016 and 2017. It is the longest driverless rapid transit system in Singapore which operates completely underground. It takes 65 minutes to travel from one end to the other.
● Thomson line is under construction and three more new lines are under planning stage.

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