Adana Metro

Adana Metro Information

The Adana Metro system is a rapid transit system that serves in Adana, Turkey. The system has a total track length of 13.9km (8.6 miles) and can hold approximately 21,600 passengers per hour, making it more of a ‘light metro’ system rather than a ‘full’ metro system. Open to the public since the 10th of May 2014, the Adana Metro system has merely 1 metro line and 13 stations, presently. The total time taken by the metro to cover all these stations, including the stops are just 21 minutes. Operated by the Adana Metropolitan Municipality, expansion plans are already under way. After extension, the total track length will equal to 23.3km (14.5 miles) and cover 7 newly constructed stations on the same line. By the end of its completion, it is estimated that the metro system will carry about 660,000 people per day.

Adana Metro Map

Map of Adana Metro in Turkey showing various lines and stations. Click on the map to enlarge it or Download Adana Metro Map in PDF.

Adana Metro Timings

The timings of the metro service depend on the station one is looking at. The stations at the Hospital, Anatolian High School and the raiders are open between 6:00-23:30, every day. The rest of the stations, however, are open between 7:00-19:00. Please note that some of the stations that run between 7:00-19:00 are not open on weekends.

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Adana Metro Fares, Tickets and Cards

A single trip ticket can be purchased for 2.00 TL. Two tickets can be purchased for 3.30 TL and four tickets for 6.10 TL. Riders can also purchase a smart card for 5.00 TL. An added bonus is that children under the age of six, can ride the metro for free.

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Adana Metro Parking

Parking facilities are available for the passengers, in most of the stations.

Adana Metro Rules and Tips

Animals are not allowed in the metro station under two exceptions: small cage animals (not harmful to the passengers when released) and guide dogs accompanying the visually disabled. Flammables, explosives, alcohol, smoking etc are banned from the premises of the station. Photography and Videography are prohibited. Wheeled vehicles like bicycles, skateboards, prams and rollerblades are not allowed to be carried inside the station.

Adana Metro Lines

Currently the Adana Metro has 1 line that offers service from the west of the hospital of mental health which then turns south crossing the TCDD rail tracks and ultimately moves towards southern Adana, crossing the D-400 state road.. It then moves towards the west of the Kocavezir Commercial Center until it reaches the Seyhan River.  The line then moves north again, ending at the Yuregir Bus Terminal.

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