Vienna U-Bahn

Vienna U-Bahn Information

It is a rapid transit system and a popular means of Public Transportation in Vienna, Austria. Two of its lines were opened in 1898, and these were later integrated in the modern U-Bahn system which was made available on 8th May 1976. The transit system stretches over a total distance of 80 kilometers and serves 105 stations and includes nine interchanges. As per 2009 statistics, the system had a ridership of 1,300,000 passengers per day. And by the year 2011, around 567.6 million people had utilized the services of the U-Bahn transit system. Further extension of the system is underway which will increase the number of stations to 116 and will have a total track distance of 90 kilometers. The expansion is expected to be completed by the year 2019. As per the year 2009, the International Association of (UITP), rated the transit system as the backbone of the best public transport system, in terms of performance.

Vienna U-Bahn Map

Map of Vienna U-bahn Underground Metro System. Click on the map to enlarge it. You can also Download Vienna U-Bahn Map in PDF.

Vienna U-Bahn Hours

The U-Bahn starts its operations at around 5 am and continues around 1 am. The trains arrive at an interval of 2-5 minutes during day time. In the evenings after 8 pm, the time interval is about 8 minutes. New services were introduced in 2010 which provide 24 hour service during the nights before a public holiday and the nights between Friday to Saturday and Saturday to Sunday. The frequency of trains during these times is 15 minutes. This 24 hour service is further integrated with Vienna NightLine bus service.

Vienna U-Bahn Tickets Prices and Fare Cards

Wiener Linien umbrella brand manages the ticketing system for the transit network. The system offers tickets with different validities to suit the needs of the passengers. A single trip tickets costs 2.30 € for an adult and 1.1 Euros for minors. Then there are short term tickets that are valid for 24, 48 and 72 hours. The 24 hour ticket can be purchased for 7.60 €, 48 hour for 13.30 € and 72 hour for 16.50 €. These tickets are also valid on all public transports in Vienna and have to be used within 24, 48 or 72 hours after they have been validated. There is an 8 day ticket that can be purchased for 35.40 €. It doesn’t have to be used on eight consecutive days. Riders can also purchase a weekly ticket for 16.20 €, and a monthly ticket for 48.20 €. The ticketing system also has options for tourists who can purchase a Shopping Ticket that provides access to all shopping streets within the city. It can be purchased for 6.10 €. The tourists can also buy a 48 hour or 72 hour tourist card for 18.90 € and 21.90 € respectively. These can be used on metros, buses and trams and have some additional discounts too. For more information on ticket and pricing, click here

Vienna U-Bahn Parking

Vienna park and ride facilities are connected to subways. Short term parking zones are available for a short period. Free parking facilities are available at each station. Park and ride will cost you €3. Prepaid parking facilities are also available for short term period.

Vienna U-Bahn Rules and Tips

Smoking and Drinking is prohibited inside the metro trains and at stations, except at designated areas. The riders should validate their purchased ticket before they enter the metro. Transit of small pets is allowed provided they are inside hand held cages. Riders carrying a pass, can also transport their bicycles.

Vienna U-Bahn Lines

Vienna U-Bahn has 5 metro lines and all the lines are identified by number and color. The five lines are U1, U2, U3, U4 and U6. The Vienna U-Bahn route is 78.4km long and with the extension of U2, currently the line serves 104 stations. Further extension work is scheduled to be completed by 2019.

  • Vienna U-Bahn U1 – The U1 line is 14.6km long, and the line operates between Reumannplatz and Leopoldau. U1 route serves 19 stations from north east to the south. The line was opened in 1978, and this line is connected to U2, U4 and U3.
  • Vienna U-Bahn U2 – The U2 line is 16.7km long, and the line operates between Karlsplatz and Seestadt. U2 line serves 20 stations and this line were opened in 1980. This line connects U1, U3 and U4. U2 is a circular central route which was extended for the 2008 European Championship.
  • Vienna U-Bahn U3 – The U3 line is 13.5km long, and the line operates between Ottakring and Simmering. U3 line serves 21 stations and this line were opened in 1991. U3 line gets connected to U1, U2, U4 and U6. U3 line is one the city major important railway hub.
  • Vienna U-Bahn U4 – The U4 line is 16.5km long, and the line operates between Hutteldorf and Heiligenstadt. U4 line serves 20 stations and this line were opened in 1976. Line U4 also get connected with other lines. Initially, the line was operated with steam and in 1925, the line was upgraded to electric operation.
  • Vienna U-Bahn U6 – The U6 line is 17.4km long, and the line operates between Siebenhirten and Floridsdorf. U6 line serves 24 stations and this line were opened in 1995. U6 is one of the busiest lines in Vienna U-Bahn system.
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