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Sofia Metro Information

The Sofia Metro is a rapid transit system serving Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. The system was planned in 1960’s, but the construction started officially in 1990’s. The construction was stopped initially for some time due to insufficient funds. The construction resumed later and the system was launched on 28th January 1998 with 5 metro stations and 6.5 kilometers. The transit system now stretches over a track length of 40 kilometers and serves 35 stations. The Sofia metro system ranks as 34th amongst the list of extensive European system and is constructed and managed by Metropolitan EAD. As of 2016, it recorded a daily ridership of 350,000 on both of its lines.
The use of the metro and the ridership is increasing day by day. As per the approved General city plan and the technical report on metro, the metro should be expanded to cover a distance of 65 kilometers thereby increasing the number of stations to 63. This system would then be able to transport around 1.2 million riders per day.

Sofia Metro Map

Map of Sofia Metro System in Bulgaria. Click on the map to enlarge it or Download Sofia Metro Map in PDF.

Sofia Metro Hours

The metro service operates from 5:00 am in the morning till midnight, with a frequency of 7-9 minutes during daytime and peak hours. On weekends and holidays, the metro operates from 5:00 am till midnight, with a frequency of 14-15 minutes.

For more information on the timings, frequency along with the schedule of the trains, you can visit the official website at:

Sofia Metro Fares, Tickets and Cards

Single tickets can be purchased at various ticket machines or from the cashier’s desk. It costs 1 BGN and is valid for 30 minutes from the issue hour. Riders can also buy cards for 10 trips. These cards can be purchased for 8 BGN. These cards require a deposit of 1 BGN, which is reimbursed when these cards are returned. Similarly, passengers have the option of purchasing tickets for 20, 30, 40 and 50 trips together as well. The prices of these tickets are 16 BGN, 24 BGN, 32 BGN and 40 BGN, respectively.
A one day card can be procured for 4 BGN and it is valid on all metro lines, buses and trams. It allows a rider to take unlimited trips on a single day. The transit system also has an option of personalized and non-personalized monthly cards which are only valid for all metro lines and can be availed for 35 BGN and 42 BGN respectively. The system also offers monthly personalized and non-personalized cards that can be used on all trams, metro lines and buses. These can be purchased for 50 BGN and 60 BGN respectively. Similarly there are 3 month personalized and non-personalized cards, valid for all public transportation. These can be bought for 130 BGN and 156 BGN. A 6 month personalized and non-personalized card valid for all public transport can be obtained for 255 BGN and 306 BGN. Yearly personalized and non-personalized card valid for all public transport can be procured for 500 BGN and 600 BGN respectively.
For more information on the fares, tickets and cards, you can visit the official website at:

Sofia Metro Parking

Parking zones for 1300 vehicles are under construction at two Sofia metro stations- lot 2. Parking zone for 600 vehicles will be built on lot 1. Now metro riders can use parking lots for free of charge up to 2 hours.

Sofia Metro Rules and Tips

All the tickets and cards need to be validated before entering the metro. If caught travelling without a valid ticket/ card, the fine is 20 BGN. Transit of bicycles is allowed during off peak hours. Small pets are also allowed provided they are carried inside hand held cages. Smoking and drinking is prohibited.

Sofia Metro Lines

Sofia metro consists of two lines and the lines are recognized by its color.
● Sofia Metro Line 1 – Line 1 was opened in 1998 and the line operates from Obelya to Mladost. The current track is 20,4km long serving 16 stations. The line is getting extended further to 4.8kms. Line1 has two branches which are under construction. The northern branch operates from Mladost to Sofia airport and southern branch operates from Mladost towards Business Park Sofia. The extension work is expected to get ready within 2 years.
● Sofia Metro Line 2 – Line 2 was opened in 2012 and the current length of the route is 10,6 km serving 11 stations. Line 2 of Sofia metro serves the city center to the south of the city. Line 2 runs north to south through the main city railway station. The line is planning to link Lozenets in the south with Ilientsi towards north. Provisions have also been made for the construction of future branch to lliyantsi.
● Sofia Metro Line 3 – Line 3 is in its early planning stage and the initial plan is to connect the line from Ovcha Kupel to Vasil Levski with 16km long serving 19 stations in total. The line will put into service by 2018. Line 3 is planning to have 8 over ground and 11 underground stations.

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