Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit

Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit Information

After a long delay in its construction, the MRT service in Kaohsiung finally opened its doors to commuter service in the year 2008 with the introduction of two lines.
A very clean and efficient means of transport, this is the easiest way by which commuters can get around from one place in the city to another. However, being a relatively new transport network, it does not have the density of some of the other popular Metro services in the country. In fact, there will be numerous instances when you will be required to take a short walk to the nearest station.
Numerous feeder bus services have been introduced with the intention of bridging the network gaps and providing a better access to the Metro service. A commendable connection between the MRT Stations and the local bus service allows quick and easy transfer to other parts of the city.

Currently the metro system is operated by the Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit Operation, serving a total of 37 stations. This 42.7 km long network, served 178,975 people daily (2013).

Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit Map

Map of Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit showing its lines and stations. Click on the map to enlarge it or Download Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit Map in PDF.

Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit Timings, Frequency and Timetable

The two different lines have slightly different timings. The Red line begins at around 6:00 am in the morning and 01:00 am, of the next day. The Orange line has very similar timings however, it seems to stop operations around 00:30 am, the next day.

The frequency of the trains differ according to the day of the week as well as the timing. During peak hours, the trains have a headway of about 4-6 minutes. At other times of the day, the trains have a frequency of about 8 minutes at the maximum. For trains that operate after 23:00, the frequency is very little of about every 20 minutes.

For more information on this and the schedule of the trains, line wise, you can visit the official website at: http://www.krtco.com.tw/en/guide_FirstandLastTrain.aspx

Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit Fares, Tickets and Cards

Primarily there are three different types of tickets for single journeys. A Single Journey Ticket, a Cyclist Ticket ( for people with non-foldable cycles) and a Group Ticket (for 10 or more people. In case of some emergency, a Substitute Ticket might also be given instead.

The fare for a Single Journey Tickets depends. It will be displayed somewhere above the automatic ticket issuing machines. Each Cyclist Ticket costs NT$100. The fare for the Group Ticket follows similar rules to the Single Journey Ticket.

There are multiple options in terms of travel cards that one can purchase. These cards can be purchased for 1-day or 2-days, as well. To be eligible one needs to be either an adult, or a student. The 1-day card costs NT$150 and the 2-days card costs NT$250.

One strict rule that everyone must adhere too is that, only CASH is accepted.

For more information with regard to the fares, tickets and cards available, you can visit the official website at: http://www.krtco.com.tw/en/guide_ticket-info.aspx

Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit Rules and Tips

Inflamables, explosive substances, substances that can cause other hard (HCL acid, sulphuric acid etc) are prohibited within the metro network. Pets are allowed to travel by the metro provided they are in a proper cage. Those who are found to have invalid tickets are subject to pay 50 times the original fare. Roller skates, in-line skates and other such things aren’t allowed.

For more information on the rules and tips to be followed, you can visit the official website at: http://www.krtco.com.tw/en/guide_NoticestoPassengers.aspx

Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit Lines and Stations

The Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit operates along two lines, the Red line and the Orange line, serving a total of 37 stations all together. The Red Line travels in a north-south direction and comes in handy for the commuters looking to travel to the downtown core of the city from both the Airport and THSR Zuoying Stations.The Orange Line, on the other hand, runs across the breadth of Kaohsiung from the eastern Dalio suburbs to the Kaohsiung Port area in the west.

All the 37 stations are accessible by wheel chair, Formosa Boulevard Station and Central Park Station are ranked among the most beautiful subway stations around the world. For the names of all 37 stations and which line covers which station, you can visit the official website at:http://www.krtco.com.tw/en/guide_TravelTime.aspx

Livery & Line Termini
Stations Length Depot
Red Line Red (Main) Gangshan South
23 28.3 km North
Orange Line Orange (Main) Sizihwan
14 14.4 km Daliao
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