Airport Rail Link (Bangkok)

Airport Rail Link Information

Operating in Thailand, the Airport Rail Link  comprises of  both an express rail as well as a commuter rail which run from the Suvarnabhumi Airport to the Phaya Thai Station in Central Bangkok, through the Makkasan region. Owned and operated by the State Railway of Thailand along with its subsidiaries, the Airport Rail Link was opened for service on 23rd August 2010. Stretching over twenty-nine kilometers and covering 8 stations, the Airport Rail Link has a daily ridership of approximately 53,000. The Airport Rail Link consists of two Express Lines and one City Line.

Airport Rail Link Lines

The Airport Rail Link consists of two Express Lines and one City Line, which is a commuter rail covering about 8 stations. More information on the three lines are as follows:

Phayathai-Suvarnabhumi Airport Express Service: A non-stop link service running between the Bangkok Airport and the Phayathai Central Station, it takes about eighteen minutes to cover the stretch of twenty-eight kilometers. The frequency of service on this line is fifteen minutes.

Makkasan-Suvarnabhumi Airport Express Service: Another non-stop service running along the airport link route, the twenty-five kilometer long stretch takes fifteen minutes to travel. Frequency of service on this route is also fifteen minutes.

SA City Service: The SA City line is a commuter service that runs between the Phayathai Station and Suvarnabhumi Airport, stopping at various other place along the route. A twenty-eight kilometer long route, it is covered within a span of thirty minutes. The frequency of the service again being fifteen minutes.

Airport Rail Link Map

Airport Rail Link map showing its services and stations. Click on the map to enlarge it or Download Airport Rail Link map in PDF.


Airport Rail Link Timings

The Airport Rail Link operates on a daily basis. It operates from 6:00- 00:00 hours, midnight. Trains on the City Line depart every 10 minutes during peak hours, which are from 6:00-09:00 and 16:00-20:00. During normal hours, they have a frequency of fifteen minutes. Trains on the Express Lines have a frequency of 30-60 minutes.

Airport Rail Link Fares and Cards

The fares on the Airport Rail Link depend on the distance travelled. At each station, tokens can be purchased from the automatic token dispensers installed in each station. The cost of a ticket for the City Line ranges from 15 baht and goes up to 45 baht. Whereas, the cost of a ticket for the Express Line is a standard amount of 150 baht. Frequent travellers can purchase a prepaid card which must have a minimum credit value of 50 baht and can store up to a maximum value of 1000 baht.

For more information on fares and price changes you can visit:

Airport Rail Link Stations

Station Name
SVB Suvarnabhumi (Airport) สุวรรณภูมิ Bangna-Suvarnabhumi LRT (proposed)
LKB Lat Krabang ลาดกระบัง SRT Eastern Line
BTC Ban Thap Chang บ้านทับช้าง SRT Eastern Line
HUM Hua Mak หัวหมาก Yellow Line : Phatthanakan(proposed)
Light Red Line (proposed)
SRT Eastern Line
RAM Ramkhamhaeng รามคำแหง Light Red Line (proposed)
SRT Eastern Line
MAS Makkasan
(City Air Terminal)
Blue Line : Phetchaburi
Light Blue Line (proposed)
Light Red Line (proposed)
SRT Eastern Line
RPR Ratchaprarop ราชปรารภ Orange Line : Ratchaprarop(proposed)
Light Red Line (proposed)
SRT Eastern Line
PTH Phaya Thai พญาไท Sukhumvit Line : Phaya Thai
Light Red Line (proposed)
SRT Eastern Line
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