Tashkent Metro

Tashkent Metro Information

A rapid transit system that serves Tashkent, the capital city of Uzbekistan, is one of only two Metro services that are in operation in the Central Asian region with the Almaty Metro being the other one. Opened in 1977 as the seventh Metro service in the former USSR, the Tashkent Metro system is renowned for its ornate station structures. It operates along three lines with a combined network of nearly thirty six kilometers and serves twenty-nine stations along the stretch. The network has been constructed on strong foundations keeping in mind the fact that Uzbekistan is prone to severe earthquakes.  Metro has daily ridership of 162,200 and annually 59.2 million in 2013.

Tashkent Metro Map

Map of Tashkent Metro showing its lines and stations. Click on the map to enlarge it or Download Tashkent Metro Map in PDF.

Tashkent Metro Frequency

The trains have a headway ranging from 3-10 minutes,

Tashkent Metro Fares

A single ticket on the Tashkent Metro costs 300 koum.

Tashkent Metro Rules and Tips

One rule that is given strict importance is the one on the ban of photography and videography, anywhere within the network. The police forces that are stationed in the metro often face the dejected faces of the tourists, while informing them that they can’t photograph the beautiful interiors and artifacts present.

Tashkent Metro Lines

The details of the various Tashkent Metro lines may be given as follows:
– Red Chilonzor Line: Having started construction in 1968, the line was opened to service in 1977 between the Oktyabr Inkilabi and Sabir Rakhimov stations. In 1980 the route was extended up to Maksim Gorkiy to cover a stretch of fifteen kilometers and serve nine stations along the route.A three-station extension was planned eastwards to Traktori Zavod but the unfinished stretch has been taken off from the route map.

– Blue Uzbekiston Line: A diagonal line running down to the southeast from the northwest and passing the Tashkent Railway station along the way. Having began operations in 1984, expansion work was carried out along the stretch between 1984 and 1991. The route length is fourteen kilometers and it features eleven stations along the stretch.

– Green Yunusobod Line: This line is still under construction and on being completed, it will connect the Tashkent Airport and northern suburbs. A seven kilometer stretch on this route has been operational since October 2001 between Habib Abdullayev and Ming Urik. It features six underground stations along the stretch.

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