Tehran Metro

Tehran Metro

If things go according to plan, this metro network could surely enter the record books for something or the other. Presently, it runs on just 5 lines, along a length of 170 km but this could change drastically in the next 10 years. The Tehran metro, which serves the capital city of Iran, has expansion plans, eyeing 9 lines in total, spanning a length of 430 km. Out of the 5 operational lines, 4 of them are rapid transit lines and 1 one of them is a commuter rail. In total, the metro covers 103 stations, presently. The construction of the first of the five lines began in the year 1999. Since then, it has already grown considerable and if things go according to plan its annual ridership which is now 670 million (2015), can easily expect to cross the 1 billion mark. The responsibility of its operations lies with the Tehran Urban and Suburban Railway Company.

Tehran Metro Map

Map of Tehran Metro System showing various lines and stations. Click on the map to enlarge it or Download Tehran Metro Map in PDF.

Tehran Metro Hours

The trains of the Tehran metro run from 05:30 am in the morning, till either 22:30 pm or in some cases, 23:00 pm.

Tehran Metro Fares, Tickets and Cards

The Tehran metro uses stored value cards and Magnetic tickets, as means of fare payments. The stored value cards are tickets that have a specified credit. The trip fare is deducted whenever a journey is paid for, using these cards. The fares are distance based and the deductions are made at the exit, depending on the zone travelled. These cards are suitable for frequent travelers. These cards are sold for 5000 Riyals as the ticket price, and are rechargeable. For Zone 1, which is a distance of 0-10 km, the fare is 1800 Riyals. For Zone 2, or 10-20 km, the fare is 2000 Riyals. The fare for Zone 3, which is 20-30 km, is 2200 Riyals. Zone 4, which is a distance of 30-40 km, is charged at 2400 Riyals. The fare for Zone 5, 40-50 km is 2800 Riyals, and for Zone 6, which is a distance of 50 km and above, the fare is 3200 Riyals. The metro stored cards can also be used on buses. The cards have no time limit. These are refundable and the remaining price on the card is refunded, when returned.
The magnetic tickets on the other hand, can be used for a limited number of trips. These should be used by riders, who travel on the metro occasionally. These are available as single and double trip tickets. The tickets are valid for the number of purchased trips, irrespective of the distance travelled. A Single trip ticket costs 5000 Riyals and is blue in color. A Double trip ticket costs 8000 Riyals, and is orange colored. These tickets cannot be recharged and are non-refundable. These tickets cannot be used on the buses network.
Senior citizens can ride the metro for free.

Tehran Metro Lines

Line Opening] Length Stations Type
1 2001 47.5 km (29.5 mi) 30 Metro
2 2000 26 km (16 mi) 22 Metro
3 2012 37 km (23 mi) 16 Metro
4 2007 24.5 km (15.2 mi) 22 Metro
5 1999 43 km (27 mi) 11] Commuter rail
GRAND TOTAL: 178 km (111 mi) 103  

Tehran Metro Parking

Some of the stations of the Tehran metro offer its passengers park and ride facilities. To find out whether the station, you are travelling to or from has these facilities, you can visit the official website at: http://metro.tehran.ir/Default.aspx?tabid=216

Tehran Metro Rules and Tips

The metro provides few carriages specifically for women. The reserved carriages are first, half of the second carriage, last carriage, and half of the carriage, which is before the last one. However, women can travel in other carriages as well.The stored value cards need to be validated at the exits; otherwise the rider is fined with the cost of the longest ride (Zone 6), in the next trip. Smoking is prohibited anywhere within the metro network. Flammable substances and pets, too are prohibited. While using the escalator, take care not to run, to hold your child’s child if you are travelling with one and many such simple guidelines should be followed. Same is the case, for those using elevators. Pay attention to the signboards and conform to the basic guidelines.

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