Caracas Metro

Caracas Metro Information

Caracas metro is a rapid transit system that serves Caracas, Venezuela. The system began operations on 2nd January 1983, and presently has 4 lines that serve 48 stations. The system is operated by Compañía Anónima Metro de Caracas. As per 2010 statistics, the metro system had a daily ridership of 2,000,000 passengers.

Caracas Metro Map

Map of Caracas Metro System showing various lines and stations. Click on the map to enlarge it or Download Caracas Metro Map in PDF.

Caracas Metro Hours

The metro starts services at 5:30 am and runs until 11:00 pm. The frequency of the trains during peak hours is 1.5-2 minutes, and on Sunday and public holidays, the frequency is 4-6 minutes

Caracas Metro Fares, Tickets and Cards

Rides can purchase tickets depending on the number of journeys intended to travel. A One Way or single journey ticket costs Bs.F 4.00 and is valid for all stations. A Return Trip ticket costs Bs.F 8.00 and is valid for all stations. A One Way Metro Los Teques ticket covers one journey and costs Bs.F 8.00. This ticket is also valid for all stations in addition to being valid at Metro Los Teques. A Multi-Abono ticket is valid for 10 journeys and costs Bs.F 36.00. This ticket is valid at all stations and provides one free ride. A Multi-Abono Metro Los Teques costs Bs.F 72.00 and is valid for ten journeys on Metro and Metro Los Teques.

Riders can also purchase tickets that can combine a metro journey with a suburban Metrobus route journey. The Simple integrated ticket, which combines a metro and one urban metrobus route journey, can be purchased for Bs.F 6.00. Similarly a Multi-Abono Integrated ticket that provides ten journeys for the metro and metrobus, can be purchased for Bs.F 54.

Caracas Metro Parking

Some stations of the Caracas metro offer park and ride facilities.

Caracas Metro Rules

The metro provides a fast and convenient way to travel around the city. It is further integrated with metrobus service, which is a bus transit network covering various suburban and urban routes, to transport riders to popular destinations in the city, where the metro cannot reach.

All stations have maps that provide information about the various routes of the subway lines. Announcements are made inside the trains regarding the next stations. Transit of pets inside the metro is not allowed. Some metro stations provide park and ride facility to the riders.

Caracas Metro Lines

Currently Caracas metro serves 4 lines and all the lines are built underground. Metro lines are recognized by its number and color.

  • Line 1 – Line1 which is colored orange runs from west to east. Line1 began operation in 1983 and the metro offer service between Propatria and Palo Verde. The route is 20.4km long serving 22 stations.
  • Line 2 – Line 2 which is colored green runs from north east to south west. Line 2 started operation in 1987 and the metro offer service between El Silencio and Zoologico. The route is 18.6km long serving 11 stations.
  • Line 3 – Line 3 which is blue in color runs from north east to south west. Line 3 was opened in 1994 and the metro offer service between Plaza Venezuela and La Rinconada. The route is 10.4km long serving 9 stations.
  • Line 4 – Line 4 will operate as an extension of line 2. The yellow colored line connects Capuchinos and Zona Rental together. It runs parallel to the red line serving 3 stations.
  • Line5 and line 6 are under planning stage.
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