Warsaw Metro

Warsaw Metro Information

The city Warsaw is the capital of Poland and the Warsaw Metro serves northern and southern suburb’s population. The rapid transit system consists of a single north-south line and the route links central Warsaw. Currently, the Warsaw metro runs 22.6 km from north to south crossing 21 stations in total. The first section of Warsaw metro was opened in 1995, it was gradually extended. In, 2009, Warsaw Metro won two awards in the category of special merit award for commitment to the environment and the best maintenance program. It is famous for its clean and well maintained station. Nearly 28,000 commuters use Warsaw Metro each day. The metro services are frequent and reliable even though each metro station are crowded during rush hours.

Warsaw Metro Map

Map of Warsaw Metro showing Current and Future Lines and Stations of Warsaw Metro System in Poland. Click on the Map to Enlarge it. You can also download the Warsaw Metro Map PDF.

Interactive Map of Warsaw Metro



Warsaw Metro Hours

Getting around Warsaw is easy with a variety of possibilities. Warsaw metro line is open between 5 am to 1 am while working days. On Friday and Saturday, the metro stops running at 3 am. Metro train will be available at 15 minute frequency. During peak hours, metro train is available every 3 to 4 minutes and off peak time it will take 7 to 8 minutes to get the train. Additional metro service is available on Friday, and Saturday between 00.15 am and 2.30 am.

Warsaw Metro Fare, Ticket and Card

Warsaw Metro provides single trip ticket, short term tickets. Tickets for 1,3,7, 14 days, and long term are also available. You can buy the tickets from vending machines or the subway platform. You can buy a ticket before boarding buses, trams and metros. A single journey ticket will cost 2.40 Zloty. School children aged 7 has to pay 1.25 Zloty and kids under 7 can have a free ride. A 90 minute ticket will cost 6 Zloty, and it is valid only for 90 minutes from the time of validation. A 1 day pass will cost 7.20 Zloty; 3 day passes would cost 12 Zloty and a 7 day pass will cost 24 Zloty. Foreign students under 26 years of age will get a discount of 48% if they hold an international student identity card. If you are a first time rider, validate the ticket by feeding it into the little yellow machine in the metro station lobby. Riders will be required to pay additional charges for extra luggage.

Warsaw Metro Parking

Car Parking is available at free of charge at park and rides space area. Metro riders have to submit valid documents to park their vehicle near the metro station. In addition to car parks, there are bicycle the parking lots available near the metro station. You will be extra charges for exceeding the parking time.

Warsaw Metro Rules and Tips

The entrance to the metro station is indicated with big red letter M and every station provide public toilet and lift for disabled passengers. The metro platform can be used only by those who have a valid ticket.

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