Bangkok Metro (MRT)

Bangkok Metro System Information

Operated and owned by the Bangkok Expressway and Metro Public Company Ltd, the Bangkok Metro, officially known as the Metropolitan Rapid Transit, is a rapid transit system that began operations in July 2004. Serving the Bangkok Metropolitan Region in Thailand, it presently has 1 operational line, spanning about 20 km and covering 18 stations. Commonly called by the locals as underground train, the MRT has an annual ridership of 92.4 million (2014). With 2 more lines under construction after the completion of the Purple Line in December 2014, and a further 4 more lines planned, on completion the MRT will be one of the largest metro services in the world.

Bangkok Metro Map

The Line Map of Bangkok Metro System showing Various Stations, Route Lines and Interchange Stations is shown below. Click the Map to Zoom and see the Enlarged Version.You can also Download Bangkok Metro Map PDF and print it for use in future.


Bangkok Metro Interactive Map

Bangkok Metro Timings

The Bangkok MRT starts service at 6:00 am in the morning and runs till midnight, everyday. The frequency of the trains depend on the time of the day. During rush hour, between 6:00-9:00 am and 16:30-19:30 pm, the frequency of trains is less than 5 minutes per train. During the rest of the day, the frequency is usually less than 10 minutes, per train.
The Blue Line has a fleet of 19 trains, whereas, the soon to be opening Purple Line has just 16.

Bangkok Metro Fares, Tickets and Smart Cards


There are two types of tickets available, single journey tokens and stored value cards.The rate of the fare depends on the destination as well. The fares for the MRT train service until the 2nd of July, 2021 are as follows:

1. Single Journey Token
– Adult from 16 Baht to 42 Baht.
– Child/Elder from 8 Baht to 21 Baht.
2. Stored Value Card
– Adult from 16 Baht to 42 Baht.
– Student from 14 Baht to 38 Baht.
– Child/Elder from 8 Baht to 21 Baht.
For more information on the fares, tickets and cards, you can check the official website at:

Bangkok Metro Parking 

The MRT provides park and rides facilities. The parking area is provided by the Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRTA). The park and ride facilities are provided at Ladprao Station, Ratchadaphisek Station , Thailand Cultural Centre Station Ratchadapisek Soi 6 ,Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre Station   and Sam Yan Station . For MRT passengers, the parking fee is 15 baht for every 2 hours. For non MRT passengers, the parking fee is 40 baht, per hour. Except, Phetchaburi and Thailand Cultural Centre Parking Area, in these two stations, the parking fee is 50 baht per hour. Only recently, a special monthly pass has come out, costing 1500 baht for MRT passengers.

For more information on the MRT’s parking facilities, you can visit the official website at:
Bangkok Metro Rules and Tips:

Bangkok Metro Rules and Tips

Smoking and drinking are prohibited inside the metro network. The transit of pets is not allowed on the metro, only guide dogs accompanying the physically disabled are allowed. There are certain things you should know with regard to the terms of use of the tickets. This information can be got at the official website, the link of which being:

Bangkok Metro Lines / Bangkok Metro Routes

The MRT is current operating only on one single line, covering 18 stations. With 2 more lines under construction after the completion of the Purple Line in December 2014, and 4 more planned, the MRT is going to be one of the largest metro networks in the world.

● Bangkok Metro Blue Line: Currently, the only line in operation, the Blue Line spans over 20 km in length covering 18 stations. It boasts a capacity of carrying approximately 40,000 people in each direction per hour. It began operations on the 3rd of July 2004. Starting from the front of the Bangkok Railway Station, it moves through the Center, Queen Sirikit National Convention Asoke to ultimately reach the Bang Sue Station.
● Bangkok Metro Purple Line: Scheduled to begin operation on the 2nd of August 2016, the Purple Line is currently under the testing period. With a total length of 23 km, the Purple Line covers 16 stations. Starting at the Khlong Bang Phai Station, it moves towards the Outer Ring Road and passing over the Chao Phraya River, it follows the road to Lai Rd, ultimately ending in the Bang Tao Poon area.
● Bangkok Metro Green Line: The construction of this 12.6 km line, also known as Sukhumvit Line, began in the year 2012. Covering 7 stations, it is planned to begin operations sometime in the year 2017.
● Bangkok Metro Orange Line: Mostly underground, spanning over a length of 37.5 km and serving 29 stations, the Orange Line is said to begin operations sometime in the year 2022. The line is going to be divided into 3 regions namely, Bang Khun Non- Thailand Cultural Center (17.5 km), Thailand Cultural Center-Bang Kapi (9 km) and Bang Kapi to Min Buri (11 km).
● Bangkok Metro Yellow Line: Originally meant to be an underground and elevated heavy rail line, the Yellow Line is now planned to be built as an elevated monorail Line. It is said to be 30.4 km and serving 20 stations. It is said to have 2 Phases, the first of which is said to be completed by 2021.
● Bangkok Metro Pink Line: Running along the norther part of the city, the Pink Line will measure a length of 35.5 km, serving 30 stations. The monorail line is said to be completed by the year 2021.
● Bangkok Metro Brown Line: The proposed Brown Line is going to 20.5 km long, serving 21 stations on its way from Khae Rai, Nonthaburi to Bueng Kum. There is no specific date on its completion, although a likely timeframe for this monorail would somewhere in the year 2025, or later.

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