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Staten Island Railway Information

The Staten Island Railway holds a place among one of the six other metro lines in the USA, that run all throughout the day and night (24 hours). It consists of just one line, which began operations years ago, sometime around the 1860’s. This single line is operated by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, who see that the line is functioning properly and efficiently. In total, the line is spread across 22.5 km, along which, as of now, it serves 21 stations that are soon to become 22 by November, 2021. It is the only line that runs in the Staten Island area, of New York City.

Staten Island Railway Stations

The Staten Island railway line runs 24 hours and currently only the north to south main line offer services to passengers. The terminal station is St.George and it has a direct connection to Staten Island Ferry. St. George has 12 tracks and only 10 are used for service. The first stop is Tompkinsville and the station is built on the ground level. Tottenville is the last station, located near the main street and Arthur kill road. The names of the 21 stations are as follows:
● St. George Terminal
● Tompkinsville
● Stapleton
● Clifton
● Grasmere
● Old Town
● Dongan Hills
● Jefferson Avenue
● Grant City
● New Dorp
● Oakwood Heights
● Bay Terrace
● Great Kills
● Eltingville
● Annadale
● Huguenot
● Prince’s Bay
● Pleasant Plains
● Richmond Valley
● Nassau
● Atlantic
● Tottenville

Staten Island Railway Map

Map of Staten Island Railway showing the various Stations. Click on the map to enlarge it. You may also Download Staten Island Railway Map in PDF.

Staten Island Railway Hours

The service operates throughout the year for 24 hours a day between the St George and Tottenville terminals. Passengers can further board Staten Island Ferry services from St. George station. The SIR follows a weekday schedule on holidays like Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Martin Luther King’s birthday and Election Day. It follows a Weekend schedule on Thanksgiving and Christmas, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Presidents’ Day and Labor Day.

For detailed information on the timings, along with the schedule of the trains, you can visit the official website at:

Staten Island Railway Fare

The fare for a single journey, when paid in cash is $2.50. Riders can purchase Metro cards, as per their needs. A Pay per Ride metro card, can be used for desired number of rides. It can be topped up at station booths from $5 to $80. At vending machines, it can be topped up for $5 to $100. The cost of a single ride ticket is $2.75.
Riders can purchase Unlimited Ride metro cards. These cards provide unlimited number of subway rides for a fixed price. These can be purchased for 7 days or 30 days. A 7 day unlimited pass, costs $31. These are valid for 7 consecutive days, from the first use and provide unlimited rides on subway and buses until midnight. The concessionary rate for this card is $15.50. A 30 day unlimited ride card, costs $116.50. The reduced fare is $58.50. The card is valid for 30 consecutive days from first validation. Passengers are also given the option to purchase metrocards, that are pre-set with either 4,8 or 16 rides in them. The fares for this card are $9.91, $19.82 and $39.64, respectively.
Senior citizens above 65 years of age, and people with disabilities can purchase Reduced-fare metro cards. These cards provide fifty percent discount on all ticket fares. These cards are personalized and have a name and photograph of the holder.The system also provides an option of EasyPay metro card, which is linked with a credit or debit card, and is re-filled automatically. Fares are paid at the entry and exit of only St George and Tompkinsville stations. Riders must use MetroCard or an electronic paper transfer received on the local bus, when entering or exiting these two stations.
For more information on the fares, tickets and cards, you can visit the official website at:
Staten Island Railway Parking:
The Staten Island Railway offers park and ride facilities to its passengers. Parking lots are available in not all the stations, but in select stations. The names of the stations, where parking facilities are available for the passengers are; Prince’s Bay, Great Kills, Dongan Hills, Huguenot and Annadale.
Staten Island Railway Rules and Tips:
There are certain rules that need to be followed while using the Staten Island Railway. For instance, there is no excuse for the non-payment of the correct fare. Even if your metro card isn’t working, it won’t count as an excuse. Riding bicycles, roller blades etc. within the metro network is considered to be a violation of its rules. Drinking alcoholic beverages, use of loud speakers etc, smoking, lying down on the platform and carrying bulky items is not allowed, along with a couple of other things. Animals too, are not allowed within the premises of the network. The only exemption to this rule are leashed/harnessed service animals.

Staten Island Parking

Free park and ride facilities are available at many stations. Municipal parking lots are available at 2 stations. Free on street parking facilities are also available.

Staten Island Railway Rules and Tips

Drinking and smoking is strictly prohibited inside SIR. Small domestic pets are allowed, provided they are carried in closed carriers, or are either on a leash or harness. Working dogs and guide dogs accompanying visually impaired people are allowed. Carrying explosives or inflammable materials is strictly prohibited. Bicycles are allowed during off peak times. They are not allowed on weekdays from 5:00-10:00 am and 4:00-8:00 pm.

The SIR provides free park and ride facility at few stations. These are Huguenot, Prince’s Bay, Annadale and Dongan Hills stations.

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