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Glasgow Subway Information

The only heavy-rail underground system in the British Isles, the Glasgow Subway began operations in the year 1896 in the city of Glasgow, Scotland. The third oldest underground metro system in the world, it was originally known as Glasgow District Subway. It operates on 1 line, serving 15 stations in total and not once till now, has it been expanded. This 10.5 km long line is operated by the Strathclyde Partnership for Transport has a daily ridership of 34,950 passengers (2014).

Glasgow Subway Map

Glasgow Subway Lines and Stations

There are two divisions of the line, inner circle and outer circle. Every train reaches 15 stations in a circular route from north to south of the river Clyde. The stations that cover in clockwise order are given:
● Partick – Partick station is one of the main transport hubs in Glasgow located near to the bus stations and it serves Riverside Museum and Hamilton Crescent Cricket Ground.
● Kelvinhall – Kelvinhall is underground station that serves Kelvin Hall, Art gallery and Museum, Kelvingrove park and University of Glasgow and the Western Infirmary.
● Hillhead – Hillhead is the next station that serves the University of Glasgow, Glasgow botanic gardens, Byres road and Ashton lane.
● Kelvinbridge – The station serves the Great Western Road, Kelvingrove park, University of Glasgow, St Mary’s Cathedral and the Glasgow Academy.
● St George Cross – The next station after Kelvinbridge, it serves the Great Western Road and Firhill stadium.
● Cowcaddens – The station, Cowcaddens serves the Willow Tearooms, Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow Sculptor Studios Gallery and Glasgow Kelvin College.
● Buchanan Street – The station serves Buchanan Street, Buchanan Galleries, Glasgow City Chambers, George square, Cineworld and Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.
● St Enoch – This station serves St Enoch Center, St Andrews Cathedral and River Clyde.
● Bridge street – The station serves O2 Academy Glasgow and the Glasgow Sheriff Court.
● West Street – The station serves Tradeston area of Glasgow.
● Shield road – The station serves the Scotland Street School Museum.
● Kinning Park – The station serves Kinning park area of Glasgow.
● Cessnock – The station serves Glasgow Science Center, BBC Scotland and STV.
● Ibrox – The station serves the Ibrox stadium.
● Govan – The last station serves Govan Old Parish Church.

Glasgow Subway Timings, Frequency and Schedule

The timings of the metro slightly differ according to the day. From Monday-Saturday, it functions between 06:30-23:45 pm. On Sundays, the metro begins operations slightly later at around 10:00 am in the morning and runs till just 18:12 pm in the evenings. Like all other metro system, the headway of trains differ according to the time of the day. During peak-hours, the time interval between two trains is just 4 minutes. However, at other times of the day, the trains have a headway of about 6-8 minutes.

For information regarding the schedules of the trains, you can visit the official website at:

Glasgow Subway Fares, Tickets and Cards

Riders can purchase a Single Ticket from any station on the Subway system. With a Single Ticket, one can travel to any station. The ticket costs £ 1.40 for an adult and £ 0.70 for a child.. Riders can also purchase a day ticket known as Daily cap ticket which allows for unlimited travel for an entire day. The ticket costs £ 2.70 for adult and £ 1.35 for child. There is a provision for a 7 day Ticket that costs £ 13.00 for an adult and £ 6.50 for a child.
Riders can also purchase a 28 day ticket for £ 50.00 for adult, and £ 25.00 for a child. A half yearly ticket or 6 month ticket costs £ 250 for an adult and £ 125 for child. An annual ticket or 12 month ticket costs £ 450 for an adult and £ 225 for a child.

Tourists can purchase All Day ticket, which is valid for unlimited travel any time of the day. The ticket costs £ 4.00 and can be purchased from any subway station. Another option is a Daytripper ticket that provides unlimited travel in a day on subway and other modes of public transportation as well, like most buses and ferries, and rail. The price is £ 11.20 for one adult and up to two children and £ 19.80 for two adults and up to four children.

Frequent travelers can purchase Travel cards as per the needs. The Subway Smart card is an electronic card that holds ticket information. These are disposable as well as re-usable. Disposable cards can be used by infrequent travelers. The Travel cards can be loaded with 7 day and 28 day season tickets and can be re-loaded many times.
Riders can also buy ZoneCards. A ZoneCard travel card provides unlimited travel on subway, rail, some buses and ferries. A 2 zone card for 1 week, costs £ 17.90 for adult, for 4 weeks costs £ 64.30, for 10 weeks costs £ 152.00, and for 1 year costs £ 696.00. A 3 zone card for 1 week costs £ 23.70, for 4 weeks costs £ 85.10, for 10 weeks costs, £ 201.00 and for 1 year costs £ 921.00. For pricing on other zones, please visit the link at bottom.

Note: The prices for children are subject to those children between the ages of 5-16. Children under the age of 5 can travel for free, provided they are accompanied by a fare paying adult. A maximum of 2 children can travel this way.

For more information with regard to the fares, tickets and cards available, you can visit the official website at:

Glasgow Subway Parking

The Glasgow Subway offers its passengers park and ride facilities along with various types of options. For a single day, including the return journey as well, it costs £ 5.00. For just 30 minutes, it costs £0.50. Similarly, one can use the facilities for an hour or two as well costing, £1.00 and £2.50 respectively. A half-yearly park and ride ticket costs £500 and an annual ticket costs £900.

For more information on the different fares and types of park and ride tickets available, you can visit the official website at:

Glasgow Subway Pictures

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