Bucharest Metro

Bucharest Metro Information

The Bucharest Metro system, is a rapid transit system operating in Bucharest, the capital city of Romania. The metro network began operation on the 16th of November 1979, along 4 lines and serving 51 stations. Presently, there is 1 more line under construction and another line being planned. This 69.3 km long network, has 12 more stations and under construction and a further 24 planned. By the end of its expansion, it will span over approximately 78 km in length. Owned and operated by Metrorex, the system has an annual ridership of 172.3 million (2014).

Bucharest Metro Map

Map of Bucharest Metro showing various lines and stations.

Bucharest Metro Timings, Frequency And Schedule

The metro service starts operation at 5:00 am and runs till 23:00 pm, on all days. The frequency of trains during peak hours on line M1 is, 4-6 minutes, on line M2 it is 1-4 minutes and on line M4, it is 7 minutes. During other times of the day, the frequency of trains is slightly lesser in comparison. For line M1, it is 8 minutes, for line M2 it is 9 minutes and for line M4 it is 10 minutes.

For information on the detailed schedules of the metro network on weekdays and weekends, you can visit the official website at: http://www.metrorex.ro/schedule_p775-2

Bucharest Metro Fares, Tickets and Cards

The metro network makes the use of magnetic stripe cards, which cannot be used on other means of public transport in the city like busses, trams etc. The price of the tickets as of 28/03/2015 are as follows:

  • The 2-trips card costs 6 Lei.
  • The 10- trips card costs 20 Lei.
  • The daily pass costs 8 Lei.
  • The monthly pass, with unlimited access for a month costs 70 Lei.
  • The monthly pass for students is for half the price, at 35 Lei. They too have unlimited access for a month.
  • The weekly pass, with unlimited access costs 25 Lei.

Elderly people, above the age of 70 can make use of the metro service for no cost at all.

For more information on fares, tickets and cards, you can visit the official website at: http://www.metrorex.ro/travel_tickets_p1381-2

Bucharest Metro Parking

Free park and ride facilities are available at most of the metro stations. The parking areas close with the metro system at 23:00 pm.

Bucharest Metro Rules and Tips

To maintain a kind of decorum in the stations, passengers are advised to walk on the right side in the running direction. Animals or birds are prohibited within the metro network. However, if they are kept in proper conditions (like cages, on a leash etc), exceptions are made. On working days, bicycles are allowed inside the metro only between 20:00-23:00. Whereas, on weekends and other holidays there is no specific time and it merely depends on the days timetable. Photography and videography without permission, is prohibited.

For a more comprehensive guide of the rules to be followed while using the metro network, you can visit the official website at: http://www.metrorex.ro/metro_travelling_rules_applied_in_the_bucharest_metro__p1348-2

Bucharest Metro Lines

Currently the metro has 4 lines, serving 51 stations in total. However, with massive expansion plans under way and a couple of more projects planned, the 69.3 km long metro network could be serving around 87 stations in the future. The metro lines are differentiated from one another by their number and colour.

# Terminals Off-peak frequency[1] Rush hour frequency
M1 (Yellow) Dristor and Pantelimon
8 minutes
(4 minutes between Eroilor and Nicolae Grigorescu)
6–7 minutes
(3–3.5 minutes between Eroilor and Nicolae Grigorescu)
M3 (Red) Preciziei and Anghel Saligny
M2 (Blue) Pipera and Berceni 9 minutes 3–5 minutes
M4 (Green) Gara de Nord and Parc Bazilescu 10 minutes 7 minutes
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