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The Helsinki Tram network is an integral part of the public transportation network of Helsinki, the capital city of Finland. It is operated by the Helsinki City Transport Corporation under organisation of the Regional Transport Authority of Helsinki. If you are looking to travel in the city center, then trams are the only means of transportation. The tram network in this Finnish city ranks among the oldest electrified tramways around the world, beginning operations in the year 1891

The Helsinki tram network operates trams on as many as thirteen different routes. The latest inclusion to this network has been Line 9 that commenced services in August of 2008. It was also the latest in terms of undergoing a route change with an extension being opened to the West Harbour in the month of August, 2021. Besides the trunk lines, the Helsinki tram network also has two special services: the Sparakoff Pub tram and the museum line that city transport corporation operates as a joint venture with Oy Stadin Ratikat Ab. Both of these services are available exclusively during the summer months.

This 38 km long tram route, serves nearly 200,000 people on weekdays.

Helsinki Tram Map

Map of Helsinki Tram showing its lines and stations. Click on the map to enlarge it or download Helsinki Tram map in PDF.

Helsinki Tram Lines and Hours

Regular Lines of Helsinki Tram :

  From Via To Service hours
1 Market Square Kallio
1A Eira Market Square, Kallio 06:00–09:30
Market Square, Töölö
3 Punavuori, Kallio
4 Katajanokka
4T Katajanokka ferry terminal 10:00–11:30
6 Hietalahti Hakaniemi
6T West Harbour ferry terminal Hietalahti, Hakaniemi 14:00–22:30
Senate Square
Töölö, Pasila
Senate Square
7B Pasila, Töölö
8 Jätkäsaari Sörnäinen Arabia 06:00–23:30
9 West Harbour ferry terminal Kallio Itä-Pasila 06:00–24:00
10 Kirurgi Mannerheimintie Pikku Huopalahti 06:00–23:30

Additional Lines of Helsinki Tram that run only in Summers :

From Via To Service hours
Market Square Kruunuhaka,Rautatientori Market Square 10:00–17:00
Rautatientori Kallio, Töölö, Market Square Rautatientori 14:00–21:00

Please note that the timings of each of the lines may not be completely accurate and is more like an approximate. However, for detailed information with regard to the schedule for each of the tram lines, you can visit the official website at:

Helsinki Tram Fares, Tickets and Cards

The tariff for the trams work along the same lines of the metro as the tickets for public transportation in Helsinki, are the same for all. The travel area for the is divided into 8 different areas. The names of which are as follows: Helsinki, Espoo and Kauniainen, Vantaa, Kerava and Sipoo, Kirkkonummi, Regional Ticket, Region two-zone and Region three-zone. Prices also differ for adults and children between the age group of 7-16 years old. Based on a combination of these two, the fares are decided.

Further-more, the passengers have options between Single tickets for single trips, Day tickets for up to of 7 days and Travel cards for the regular passengers. For an adult a single ticket can vary from 2.50€- 10.00€, depending on the ticket. Whereas, for children the price of the ticket ranges from 1.40€- 10.00€, again depending on the type of ticket bought.

The Day tickets too, depend on some similar factors, with one added factor being, the number of days. For a child, the price of the ticket varies from 4.00€ and goes up to 36.00€. Adults on the other hand, have slightly higher fares beginning from 8.00€ and going up to 72.00€.
Along with these two types of tickets, travel cards are also available for the passengers. These travel cards start at a price of about 27.50€.

For more information with regard to the fares, tickets and card, you can visit the official website at:

Helsinki Tram Parking

There are various spots around the city in Helsinki, which provide parking space to such travellers. For exact information with regards to their location, you can visit the official website at:

Helsinki Tram Places of Interest

If you are looking to take a sightseeing tour of Helsinki, it is said that Tram 2 is the best choice. Formerly the 3T service, it is the best means for travelling around among the local areas of the city. However, this is not the only route along which you will get a number of interesting things to do and see. For those individuals who take a keen interest in local architecture it is recommended that they take a ride on route number 4- we suggest that you do not miss the popular sites such as Aalto Studio, Aalto House, Olympic Stadium, National Opera House, National Museum, Senate Square and Uspenski Cathedral along the way. Individuals interested in culinary culture, art and design should opt for travelling on the tram on route 6 with Tapio Wirkkala Park, Arabiakeskus, Design District, Helsinki University Botanical Garden and Hietalahti Market Hall some suggested stops along the journey. These routes predominantly start from the south of Helsinki and head out in a number of directions.

If you are set on exploring Helsinki via the tram route, the best thing to do would be to purchase a day-ticket that is valid on all the public transportation systems in the city. These can be purchased from a number of selling points such as Terminal 2A at Helsinki Airport and the tourist information centers on Pohjoisesplanadi Street 19.

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