Yerevan Metro

Yerevan Metro Information

The Yerevan metro was made available to the public of Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, on 7th March 1981 and was the eighth Soviet Metro system. It operated on one line and ten stops. The plan proposed initially in the 1960’s, suggested the construction of a rapid tram system. However the growing needs of an increasing population led to the construction of a full-fledged metro network. Currently the metro services 10 train stations and the track is spread over 13.4 kilometers. At some places the landscape is uneven, so the metro runs above the ground. The Yerevan city was later on introduced to a minibus system, which has led to a decrease in the ridership of the metro. It was reported that in 2012, there was a ridership of around 14.9 million passengers. Statistics indicate that the metro was used by 60,000 passengers per day before the fares were doubled, due to which ridership fell to 50,000 passengers per day. Currently around 1200 people are employed by the metro.

The metro has such high quality of engineering work that it suffered only some minor damages during the 1988 Armenian earthquake and continued with the operations the next day after the earthquake. The expansion plans of metro are underway and it is proposed to open second and third lines.

Yerevan Metro is also famous for the Graffiti on its stations.

Yerevan Metro Map

Map of Yerevan Metro showing current lines, stations and future extension plans is below. Click on the Map to enlarge it. You can also Download the PDF of Yerevan Metro Map.

Yerevan Metro Interactive Map

Yerevan Metro Lines

The Yerevan Metro main line runs from the north west of the city towards south west. The single tracked branch line is shorter and it connects the main line towards the west. Only one train runs through the branch line and the section is connected towards the main line. Yerevan metro is built as a double track line below the ground and there are two parallel tracks above the ground. During peak hours the train is available every 5 minutes and during slow hours, the train service is available within 10 minutes.

The single line metro starts from Barekamutyun Square ends at Charbakh. All 10 stations are Barekamutyun, Marshal Baghramian, Yeritasardakan, Hanrapetutyan Hraparak, Zoravor Andranik, Sasuntsi Davit, Gortsaranain, Shengavit, Charbakh, Garegin Njhdehi Hraparak. You have to change the train at Shengavit station.  The second route is from Charbakh to reach Garegin Njhdehi Square.  The Shengavit – Charbakh metro route is operated as a separate shuttle service. The second metro line is getting extended towards northeast and south and the line may be through Sassountsi David or Hanrapetutyan.   The third line is getting extended towards the east west at Yeritasardakan.

Yerevan Metro Hours

The metro runs daily from 6.30 am (first pick up) until 11 pm (last drop off), with trains running every five minutes.

Yerevan Metro Fare, Ticket and Card

Travelling by metro is one of the fastest and cheapest ways to get around the Yerevan city. A single trip ticket on the metro costs 100 drams (about 25 cents). The ticket initially cost 50 drams, but the fares were doubled few years back. The tickets can be bought as coins or riders can also use a card that should be topped up with cash.

Yerevan Metro Parking

At Barekamutyan station there are large underground shopping areas located next to the metro place where you can park your vehicle. Marshal Baghramian station is the least over the crowded metro station and it is situated near to Lovers Park. People from this area can park their vehicle near to the park. Four metro stations are located in the suburbs of the city. So within the city, there would be many parking places where metro passengers can park their vehicle, but they may require paying parking fees.

Yerevan Metro Rules and Tips

The Yerevan metro is one of the cleanest in the world. Many stations have been decorated beautifully with late Soviet architecture and Armenian national motifs. Of all the stations, Marshal Baghramian is the least crowded while Yeritasardakan is the most crowded as it Yerevan’s educational center. Station Lenin Square is in the heart of the city and is a major tourist attraction. The biggest industrial area of Yerevan also has a station Spandarian Square.

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