Valparaiso Metro

Valparaiso Metro Information

The Valparaiso Metro service, also referred to as the Merval network, is the subway transport service that serves the urban conglomeration in the Gran Valparaiso district in Chile. This transport network serves as a connection between the Chilean cities of Limache, Villa Alemana, Quilpue, Viña del mar and Valparaiso. The service was inaugurated around a decade ago, in November of 2005 and started full-fledged operations the following day. Between the Recreo and Puerto stations, the system runs along the Pacific Coast at street level and offers exquisite views of the surroundings. Subsequently, the trains make a descent into the tunnels that run below the Alvarez and Viana Avenues, featuring four underground stations. They make an exit at El Salto- an industrial district- before proceeding to the metropolitan hinterland along a winding route. Valparaiso Metro reported an annual ridership of 20.2 million as in 2013.

Valparaiso Metro Fares

The cost of the Valparaiso Metro smart card is Ch$1.200, fares range from Ch$204 during non peak hours for commuting in zone -1 to Ch$716  during peak hours for commuting through all the five zones. Discounted fares apply to senior citizens, students and those with disabilities. For more information visit the official website of  Valparaiso Metro

Valparaiso Metro Map

Map of  Valparaiso Metro showing various lines and stations. Click on the map to enlarge it or Download Valparaiso Metro Map in PDF.

Valparaíso Metro Stations and Zones

Valparaíso borough

  • Puerto
  • Bellavista
  • Francia
  • Barón
  • Portales

Quilpué borough

  • Quilpué
  • El Sol
  • El Belloto

Viña del Mar borough

  • Recreo
  • Miramar
  • Viña del Mar
  • Hospital
  • Chorrillos
  • El Salto

City of Limache

  • Limache

Villa Alemana borough

  • Las Américas
  • Concepción
  • Villa Alemana
  • Sargento Aldea
  • Peñablanca

Valparaiso Metro Pictures

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