Incheon Subway

Incheon Subway Information

A single line subway service, Incheon Subway is the very own Metro service for the city of Incheon in South Korea. Stretching for as long as twenty-nine kilometers, it has twenty-nine stations along the route length.

The subway service makes for one of the fastest and easiest means of getting around in the city of Incheon. The city has as many as five different lines running through the city center and transports visitors to all of the major Incheon Districts.

– The Airport Railroad starts from the Incheon International Airport and proceeds to Seoul across the northern limits of the city
– The Incheon Line has a north-south alignment between the Songdo New City and Gyeyang Station
– Lines 1 and 7 in Seoul bring in passengers from the city and connect with the Incheon Line at Bupyeong-gu Office and Bupyeong Stations
– The Suin Line, which has been built recently, ferries passengers across the southern fringes of Incheon city. Plans are in place to extend this service up to Suwon.

Incheon Subway Lines

Operational Lines

Line Name
Line Name
Starting Station(s)
Ending Station(s)
Total Length
(in km)
Line 1
1호선 Gyeyang International Business District 29 29.4 km

Incheon Subway Tickets and Fares

You can purchase the English transportation cards from either the automatic ticket machines at the subway stations or from a convenience store in Incheon. The fares are similar to that of the Seoul Metropolitan Subway

Fares can be paid by using single use tickets or multiple use cards. The basic fare on the subway system applies to a distance of 10 km. For distances above 10 km, passengers are charged for every extra 5 km of distance travelled. When paying using traffic card, the basic fare is 1050 won for up to 10 km. For a distance between 10-40 km, additional fare of 100 won is charged for every 5 km, and for distances above 40 km, additional fare of 100 won is charged per 10 km. Youths in the age group 13-19 years and children aged 6-12 years can avail discounts when using the traffic card. However, when paying through single journey traffic card, additional 100 won is charged for adult on the traffic card fare and Youths are given no discounts. Additional 50 won is charged on the basic fare for children’s single journey tickets.

Group tickets can be purchased for a group of people and they provide further discounts. For adults, 20% discount is given on the regular adult fare. Youths can avail a 30% discount on the regular adult fare minus 150 won. Children can avail a 60 % discount on the regular adult fare minus 150 won. Every 20th person in the group can travel for free. However, basic fare applies if the total of the discounted fares is less than the basic group fare.

For more information on fares, visit

Incheon Subway Map

Map of Incheon Subway showing its lines and stations. Click on the map to enlarge it or Download Incheon Subway Map in PDF.


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