Brussels Metro

Brussels Metro Information

Brussels rapid transit system provides a quick and comfortable transportation system to a large part of the city. It serves a total of 69 metro and premetro stations, over four metro lines and three premetro lines. The first two metro lines were made available to the public on 17th December, 1969. The metro system is managed by STIB (Société des Transports Intercommunaux de Bruxelles). As of 2012, it was reported that the metro had already been used for 132.4 million journeys. The metro is further connected by various bus and tram stops that are administered by STIB and also connects with ‘National Railway Company of Belgium’ through six stations. In 2013, the annual ridership of Brussels Metro was 138.3 million.

Brussels Metro Map

Map showing various lines and stations of the Brussels Metro System in Belgium. Click on the map to enlarge it. You can also Download Brussels Metro Map in PDF.

Brussels Metro Hours

The Brussels metro operates all seven days of the week and runs from 6 am to 12 am. The frequency of trains is high during peak hours when trains arrive at an interval of 3 minutes. During evenings after 8 pm, the time interval between trains is around 10 minutes and during weekends, the service operates at a time interval of 5 minutes.

Brussels Metro Fare and Cards

The STIB introduced a smart card in 2007 known as MOBIB, which uses contactless technology. MOBIB readers are installed in all trams and buses as well as metro stations. The metro provides various options for buying passes, like a yearly or a monthly pass. Depending on the need, the commuters can also buy daily or 3 day passes and 1 and 10 trip tickets. A single fare ticket is valid for one journey where one can also change between lines that are on STIB network. It costs 2.10 € where as a return trip ticket can be purchased for 4.20 € and it is valid for a period of 24 hours. The STIB also offers 1 day passes, where the commuters can make several journeys over a period of 1 day. These are available for 7.50 €. Depending on the number of journeys, 5 journeys and 10 journeys passes are also available, which allow changing between STIB lines. These are available at a cost of 8 € and 14.00 € respectively.

Brussels Metro Parking 

In most public transport areas of Brussels, free park and ride facilities are available. The inter – parking group has provided off-street and on-street parking facilities for metro riders. Only few Brussel metro station provides park and ride facility to the passengers.

Brussels Metro Rules and Tips

The metro prohibits smoking, eating and drinking inside the trains, except in the designated areas. Commuters are allowed to carry small pets and other animals like police dogs, free of cost. The metro also allows transportation of bicycles, however riding bicycles in underground station is prohibited.

Brussels Metro Lines

Brussels metro consists of four metro lines and some stations are built underground and some at ground level.

  • Line1 M – Line1 started operating as a full metro line in 1976. Line1 metro is operated between Gare de I’Ouest / Weststation and Stockel/Stokkel at the east end. The line serves 21 metro stations and currently Line1 is congested during peak hours.
  • Line2 M – Line2 was a pre-metro line until 1998 and the full metro operation started in 2009. Line 2 is operated between the left side of Simonis (Leopold II) and Simonis (Elisabeth). The line runs under the small ring road of Brussels.
  • Line 5 M – Line5 is a full metro line opened in 2009. Line5 metro system operates between Erasme – Herrmann Debroux. Line 5 serves 28 metro stations and the line connects south east of Brussel towards southwest through the city center.
  • Line 6 M – Line 6 is a rapid transit system opened in 2009. Line 6 serves 25 metro stations and on that line the metro stops twice at Simonis. Line 6 metro serves between Roi Baudouin and Simonis (Elisabeth).
  • Line 3 and line4 are tram lines which crosses the city center of the Brussel north railway station towards Brussels south railway station. Line 3 runs between Churchill and Esplanade. Line4 runs between the Brussels North railway station towards the South of Stalle car park.
  • Line  7 is the main line, replacing tram 23 and tram 24. It runs under Laeken Parc through the greater ring to the terminus f line3 connecting tram lines 3, 4 and 92.
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