London Tube Station Near O2 Arena

The O2 Arena is named after its sponsor, the telecom company O2 and is located in “The O2” entertainment district in North Greenwich. It is the biggest entertainment arena in the UK after Manchester Arena. It was opened in 2007 as a multipurpose indoor arena. It has a seating capacity of 20,000 people. It hosted 2012 Summer Olympics and Paralympics due to which its venue name was listed as North Greenwich Arena due to sponsorship issues. O2 Arena is also known for hosting many music concerts and is known as the busiest music arena in the world. In 2013 The O2 Arena was in the number one position when it comes to the sale of concert tickets, selling 2.12 million tickets in the entire year.

What is the closest Tube station to The O2 Arena?

Located on Drawdock Road the O2 Arena is easily reachable. The nearest London Tube station to the O2 Arena is the North Greenwich Tube station, which mainly serves the O2 Arena. From the station the Arena is only at a distance of 160 meters, which can be covered by foot, in 2 minutes or by cab, in 1 minute via Peninsula Square.

North Greenwich Tube station lies in Jubilee line and is one of the largest stations on this line. It is reachable from central London in 20 minutes or Stanford in 10 minutes. The capacity of the station is 20,000 passengers hour. It is specifically designed to handle the large amount of visitors visiting the “The O2” entertainment district. It has 3 platforms and its lies in the Travel card zones 2 and 3.  It can be reached from Canary Wharf and Canning town Tube stations directly on the Jubilee line. The last tube train is at 12.19 am in Central London and to Stanford at 1.02 am from Monday to Saturday. On Sundays last train leaves for central London at 11.45 pm and to Stanford at 12.16 am.

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