Lucknow Metro

On 5th September 2017, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath unveils the first metro service in Lucknow. Now, the city of Nawabs also has a metro, one of the safest and convenient way of transport. The Lucknow Metro holds the credited to get completed in the shortest span of time in the country. It took two years and nine months to complete this 2-lines project. For an unmatched experience of this service, the officials of Uttar Pradesh Government have integrated an SPV/Entity in the form of a firm called Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation Limited. The project has 33 stations in whole, out of which 8 stations are currently in the operational phase.

Lucknow Metro Lines

This rapid mode of transit initially has 2 lines, the North-South line knows as Red Line and the East-West line is known as the Blue Line. The North-South passageway starts from the Airport and goes till Munshi Pulia, and covers a length of 22.878 kilometers (14.216 miles) in total. The other line, starts at the Charbagh Railway Station and comes to an end at Vasant Kunj. At Charbagh Railway station, both lone intersects each other’s.

Lucknow Metro Map

Lucknow Metro Fares

The newly born metro service in Lucknow is going to follow Delhi Metro. Passengers can opt from electronic tokens and smart cards for their travel. The fare has been divided into 7 categories depending upon the number of station traveled and distance covered. The fare chart is mentioned below.
1 station travel- 10 INR
2 stations travel- 15 INR
3 to 6 stations travel- 20 INR
7 to 9 stations travel- 30 INR
10 to 13 stations travel- 40 INR
14 to 17 stations travel- 50 IMR
Over 18 stations travel- 60 INR

Lucknow Metro Timings

The first metro of the day starts at 6:00 hrs in the morning and runs till 22:00 hrs in the night. It keeps functional all the seven days of the week.

Lucknow Metro Parking

As the Lucknow metro is still in its initial phase, the parking service is only available in three out of eight stations. The passengers have to wait a little longer for the feeder service as well.

Lucknow Metro Rules

The metro is in service of the public, but as a responsible citizen we also have to stick by some basic rules and regulations to assure the smooth and effortless functioning of this modern mean of transport. The token or the smart card need to be validated before entering the metro. If caught traveling with an invalid ticket or by unauthorized entry in the station, then the rider is liable to a penalty of imprisonment up to 3 months or fine upto 250 INR or both. Carrying any offensive or prohibited material will charge you a penalty of 500 INR. If a person is responsible for any kind of damage to the metro train and platform, then he/she would be behind the bar for more upto 10 years. Altering or tempering a token or smart card will lead you an imprisonment upto 6 months or both.

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