Public Transportation in Munich

Do you wish to relocate to the city of Munich? Standing on the banks of the River ISar, this green city is sure to fill you with surprise thanks to the great quality of life that is prevalent there. In order to make the most out of your life in this great city, there are a number of practical issues that need sorting out, not least the public transportation in Munich. Here we take you through the various aspects of this transport network in the city.

The public transport network in Munich includes suburban trains, underground lines, trams and buses. The underground system is the most convenient of all means of public transport in the city. Very often, buses tend to get caught up in traffic jams while S-Bahn trains and trams are inadvertently delayed by rough weather conditions especially during the winter months. Nevertheless, there is a well-developed public transport network in place within the city limits while residents in the rural hinterlands tend to be heavily reliant on their own means of conveyance.

Tram and bus networks in Munich

While most of the main tourist attractions are located in and around the Munich City Center which is close to the central station, getting to those places on foot during winter months can be treacherous owing to the slippery undersurface. Also you may feel too tired to continue your exploration of the city. Under such circumstances, it is best to make use of the bus and tram networks in the city. While the S- and U-Bahn systems cover almost the whole of Munich, you simply cannot ignore the other means of public transportation. If you are too tired to walk around it is best to hop on board a tram which will take you slowly around Munich and is a grand way by which tourists can go a sightseeing tour of the city. While there are single tickets available for travelling on these transport systems, it is best to opt for either whole-day tickets or season tickets that turn out to be much cheaper in terms of costs. Moreover, if you have someone else travelling along with you then opt for a partner card which is valid for use by as many as five people.

Taxi cab service in Munich

If you happen to call a taxi as per the rate schedule, you will be required to pay an extra fee of one euro for booking a taxi over the phone. This rate is applicable for the entire city of Munich and in some of the surrounding municipalities such as Ottobrunn, Neubiberg, Haar, Karlsfeld and Pullach. However, if the pickup point happens to be outside one of these rate zones, then the fee charged will be as per the standard rates. The amount that you pay for a taxi ride is a result of pre-determined rates, the final calculation of which often turns out to be rather complicated. A journey from one point to another when conducted twice over is unlikely to produce the same fare as the matter of waiting charges is taken into consideration. Regardless of the number of passengers, the standard base price is fixed along with a minimum increment rate and additional surcharges.

Munich S-Bahn system

The S-Bahn or suburban railways network in Munich primarily serves places such as Starnberg and Dachau that lie beyond the limits of this state capital city. Out of the ten lines, there are a couple that run services specifically to the Munich airport. The S-Bahn network operates along more than four hundred kilometers of track length and at an average speed of nearly forty miles an hour, is the fastest S-Bahn network in the whole of Germany. Brand-quality service is something that is guaranteed when you travel on this system. Expansion projects have been taken up with the trunk route that runs through the heart of the city being put through mass technology upgrades.

Munich U-Bahn train service

Being one of the most modern cities not only in Germany but all around the world, Munich is an important hub for both tourist as well as business activities. As a result, there is a lot of pressure on the transport infrastructure of the city. However, with the development of the Munich U-Bahn or underground train service, the city has added a whole new system to its transport network. The subway or metro service is equipped with well-trained service personnel and provides extensive information on the services it provides around the city. The vehicles, modern and environment-friendly, have provisions for the disabled people. With nearly six hundred carriages in operation, the U-Bahn network is the largest means of public transportation in Munich.

Getting around in Munich

 Another excellent means of getting around the city is on bikes. Munich has such an excellent network of biking services that it can put even the likes of Amsterdam to shame in this regard. Bikes can be rented from close to the central railway station in Munich. Comfortable and of a high quality, these bikes are fitted with locks to prevent unwanted thefts. If you happen to be a person who loves to bike around places, then you will be pleased to note that at present, close to ninety percent of the tourist attractions around the city of Munich can be covered by pedalling around these comfortable two-wheeled companions.

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