Public Transportation in Hamburg

Hamburg and its  System

The Public Transit Network in Hamburg or HVV as it is commonly known as is responsible for operating a comprehensive system of bus routes, regional rail services and rapid transit systems in and around Hamburg. They also have night buses and harbor ferries that make up the complete package. In order to help the visitors to manage the costs of their travels, numerous favorably-priced tickets are available such as one-day travelcards, group tickets and also the Power Pass and Hamburg CARD. With the latter two in hand, you will be entitled not only to further cost reductions on the various leisure and cultural activities around the city but also benefit from significant concessions on the various means of public transport in Hamburg. Let us take a look at the various means of public transport system that will help you to get around the city of Hamburg with ease and allows you easy access to many of the famous tourist attractions in and around the city.


Hamburg U-Bahn and S-Bahn Trains

 What forms the key element to the public transport system in Hamburg is the network of regional rail services and rapid transit systems that focuses solely on servicing the city center. As many as nine regional rail services, six suburban Hamburg S-Bahn lines and four Underground Hamburg U-Bahn lines are in operation in the city ensuring direct and rapid links within the region of Hamburg that are free from the menace of road traffic. On public holidays and during the weekends, the most important of the S-Bahn and U-Bahn rapid transit services remain operational all through the night. Similarly, there are a number of town bus and metro bus lines connecting up with the rail and rapid transit systems to form an extensive network of public transport in Hamburg, especially for the night hours.

Hamburg Bus Systems

 There is an extensive range of bus services in Hamburg that effectively complements the railway network in the city. The Metro buses have an excellent frequency and ply on direct routes, the express buses allow more comfort to the passengers during travel while the regional or sprinter buses mainly connect the surrounding towns and major stations in Hamburg.

HVV Railway Network

The unusual aspect of the Railway system in Hamburg is that it does not operate a single tram in its network. Instead, there is a combination of buses and underground lines in operation. The U-Bahn trains run both on the ground and under thus compensating, in a way, for the lack of trams in the city. In some parts of the city such as Baumwall, these lines become elevated and offer an excellent view of the buildings as it rattles through the tight maze of city streets. The many idiosyncrasies of the metro system in Hamburg can be put down to the fact that the city has a twisted geography, especially the network of canals running through the city. With numerous canals, lakes and two rivers running through it, there is no surprise in noting the absence of tram networks in the city as the road network is not convenient enough for establishing trams as a means of public transport in Hamburg.

Harbour Ferries in Hamburg

The River Elbe and the numerous ports around Hamburg are well connected and served by as many as six ferry lines. Starting at sixty-one, each of the routes are represented by two-digit numbers. You can make best use of your HVV tickets if you wish to go out to sea or take a short trip around the numerous harbors close to Hamburg. If you have nothing better to do on a sunny day, take a roundtrip on the Landungsbrucken ferry from the number 61 stop on the river bank. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!

Using bikes to get around Hamburg

The StadtRad Hamburg or CityBike Hamburg is the public bike system in the city. If you prefer going around Hamburg on bike, you can make best use of this service. Hamburg has as many as eighty stations around the city from where you can borrow a bike, eventually returning at some other station. Travelling on the bike for the first half an hour is free. You can hire a bike by placing a telephone call and you will be required to show either a customer card, credit or bank card in order to prove your authenticity. A city that is extremely friendly towards the cyclists, there are numerous parks, bicycle lanes and wide avenues in Hamburg so you won’t face any difficulties riding a bike along the city streets.

Getting Around in Hamburg

The public transport in Hamburg and all of its surrounding metropolitan areas is extremely easy to use and also very well organized. Most of the information services and online systems are available in English for ease of use of visitors. There is an English interface on most of the ticket vending machines but their operation can still be very complicated. However, most of the primary railway and S-Bahn stations have service desks where people can purchase tickets and also gather general information.

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