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Spelled as A’REX to increase its significance as a brand name, AREX is essentially a rapid transit service in South Korea that links the capital city of Seoul to the Incheon International Airport as well as Gimpo Airport. The section between these two airports was opened in March 2007, and ultimately in December 2010, a section was opened extending the lines to the Seoul Station. Owned by the Korea Rail Network Authority and operated by the Airport Railroad Co. Ltd, the AREX metro service covers 11 stations and spans over a length of 61 km.
After its huge success in the city of Seoul, the city of Incheon requested the construction of three new stations. This year the AREX pass through the Geomam Station, ultimately connecting to Incheon Subway Line 2. Interestingly, the South Korean Government wants to further amp up the service by reducing the travel time from Seoul to 95% of the country by the year 2020.

AREX Line Map

Map of AREX showing its stations. Click on the map to enlarge it or download AREX map in PDF.

AREX Phases

Initially abbreviated as IREX, the Phase 1 line was planned to run along the length between Incheon International Airport and Gimpo Airport. Planned in the year 1998, due to various problems faced, the line was renamed AREX and came into operation in March 2007. The line was 37.6 km in length.

The Phase 2 became fully operational from November 2011, and runs between Gimpo International Airport and Seoul Station. With a depot included in this segment, the overall length of the network extended to 61.7km.

AREX Schedule

The first trains start at about 5:00 am in the morning, with the last trains departing the station at 00:00 am, midnight.
The Express trains that run between Incheon International Airport and Seoul Station run every 20-40 minutes and the journey lasts for approximately 43 minutes. Whereas, the All Stop trains run every 15 minutes, the journey is slightly longer taking 56 minutes in total.

However, between the Gimpo International Airport and Seoul Station only All Stop trains are available which take about 20 minutes approximately between each station.

AREX Fares, Tickets and Cards

The fares for the Express Trains between the Incheon International Airport and Seoul City lie at 8000 won for adults and 6,900 won for children. There is no deposit charged on these cards.
The fares for the All Stop trains between the Incheon International Airport and Seoul City are slightly cheaper at 4250 won for adults, 3090 won for youth and 1900 won for children.
Travelling between Gimpo Station and Seoul Station is cheaper, with a ticket costing 1450 won.
Note: A 500 won deposit needs to be made while purchasing the card, which will be reimbursed on returning the card on reaching the destination. The fares are based on single-use transportation cards.

AREX Stations

● Seoul
● Gongdeok
● Hongik University
● Digital Media City
● Gimpo International Airport
● Gyeyang
● Geomam
● Cheongna International City
● Unseo
● Incheon International Airport Cargo Terminal
● Incheon International Airport
● Yongyu.

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