Osaka Municipal Subway

Osaka Municipal Subway Information

Every metro system is different. The Osaka Municipal Subway is the only subway system in Japan that can be classified as a tramway. This ‘tramway’, which has most of the characteristics of a metro system operates on 8 lines and constitutes an important part of the Greater Osaka public transportation system. Under operation since 1933 under the responsibility of the Osaka Municipal Transportation Bureau, the network serves the people of both, Osaka and Keihanshin region in Japan. It is a widespread and popular means of public transportation, spanning over 130 km in length and having a daily ridership in excess of 2 million.

Osaka Municipal Subway Map

Map of Osaka Municipal Subway showing various lines and stations. Click on the map to enlarge it.

Osaka Municipal Subway Hours

The metro operates from 05:00 am in the morning till 00:00 am, midnight. These are the train timings on all 7 days of the week , with the frequency of trains being slightly lesser on Saturday, Sunday and other public holidays.


Osaka Municipal Subway Fares, Tickets and Cards

The tickets of the subway system are distance based. For Zone 1, an adult ticket costs 180 yen, while a child ticket costs 90 yen. For Zone 2, the adult ticket costs 240 yen and a child ticket costs 120 yen. For zone 3, the adult ticket is priced at 280 yen and child ticket is priced at 140 yen. A zone 4 adult ticket costs 320 yen, while a child ticket costs 160 yen. A zone 5 adult ticket is priced at 370 yen, and a child ticket at 190 yen.
Children up to five years of age can travel for free. Two children aged 1-5 years, can travel free, when travelling with an adult or a child. Children 12 years and older, are charged adult fares. Children in the age group 6-11 years are charged child fares.
People with certain disabilities are eligible for a special discount fare of 50%.
There are various types of cards that are available, which suit different needs. A Multiple Ride card provides coverage in all Osaka municipal subway lines and buses. It is priced at 3000 yen for adults and 1500 yen for child. An Enjoy Eco card can be purchased for unlimited travel on one day, on all Osaka municipal subway and buses. It also provides discounts on some sightseeing places. It is priced at 800 yen for adults and 300 yen for child. There is an Enjoy Eco card for weekends and national holidays. This card is available only for adults, and is priced at 600 yen.
A Zone 1 Special Coupon Ticket provides 12 rides on zone 1, at a price of 10 rides. It can be used only on Osaka municipal subway lines, and is priced at 2000 yen for adult, and 1000 yen for a child.
In addition PitaPa and ICOCA cards are available. PitaPa card is a monthly card and can be used on most trains and buses in the Kansai area. The service is post-paid, where total monthly fare is debited from the user’s bank account. ICOCA, on the other hand, is a pre-paid service. In order to ride a subway with this card, there should be a minimum balance of 10 yen or more in the card.
Visitors can purchase an Osaka Visitors Ticket or OVT, which is a one day pass for use on Osaka Municipal Subway, Bus and Tram. This ticket also provides discounts at about 30 popular sightseeing destinations. There are various travel agencies that sell these tickets online.

Osaka Municipal Subway Rules and Tips

Primarily there are 4 rules to be followed while travelling on the Osaka Municipal Subway. The first and most obvious one being that smoking is prohibited. The next important rule is related to the minimal usage of mobile phones, especially while walking. When talking on the phone or to your fellow passenger, please make sure that the other passengers around you aren’t getting disturbed. Lastly, for their own safety the passengers are requested not to rush into the door of the train while it’s closing.

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Osaka Municipal Subway Parking

Parking lots are available at most of the subway stations. Passengers can also park their vehicle outside subway stations by paying parking fees.

Osaka Municipal Subway Lines

Currently the Osaka subway system offers service through 8 lines serving 123 stations total. All the 8 lines are recognized by its color and name.
● Line 1 -Midosujiline line- line 1 was opened in 1933 and the subway offer service between Esakaand Nakamozu. The length of the route is 24.5km serving 20 stations. Most travelers use the red line frequently and it runs north to south to the center of Osaka.
● Line 2 – Tanimachi line – line 2 was opened in 1967 and the subway offer service between Dainichi and Yaominani. The length of the route is 28.1km serving 26 stations. The line runs underneath towards north to south.
● Line 3 – Yotsubhashi line- line 3 was opened in 1942 and the subway offer service between Nishi Umeda and Suminoekoen. The length of the route is 11.4km serving 11 stations. Stations of this underground line are indicated by the letter Y.
● Line 4 – Chuo line – line 4 was opened in 1997 and the subway offer service between Cosmosquare and Nagata. The length of the route is 17.9km serving 14 stations. The line runs eastwest and indicated by letter C.
● Line 5 – Sennichimae line- Line 5 was opened in 1969 and the subway offer service between Nodahanshin and Minami tatsumi. The length of the route is 12.6km serving 14 stations. The line is indicated by the letter S.
● Line 6 – Sakaisuji line- line 6 was opened in 1969 and the subway offer service between Tenjinbashisuji 6 chome and Tengachaya. The length of the route is 8.5km serving 10 stations. The line is indicated by letter K.
● Line 7 – Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi line – line 7 was opened in 1990 and the subway offer service between Kadoma minami and Taisho. The length of the route is 13km serving 16 stations. The line is indicated by letter N.
● Line 8 – Imazatosuji line – line 8 was opened in 2006 and the subway offer service between Imazato and Itakano. The length of the route is 11.9km serving 11 stations.

Osaka Municipal Subway Places of Interest

The Osaka Municipal Subway provides accessibility to a number of tourist spots in and around the city. The Umeda Sky Building and Floating Garden Observatory is just a 10 minute walk from the Umeda Station. For those people who are interested in visiting the Tsutenkaku Tower, can get down at the Ebisucho Station from where it is just a 3 minute walk. If one is willing to walk slightly longer for around 5 minutes, the Tennoji Zoo is then considered accessible as well. The Osaka Aquarium too, is not too far off from one of the stations. It is just a 5 minute walk from the Osakako Station.

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