London Tube Station Near Harrods

Harrods is a department store. It is located in Chelsea, London. It was founded by Charles Henry Harrods in 1834 and was located in the south of the river Thames. The store is spread in 5 acres of land. It has 330 department markets.

The stores offer vast variety of goods ranging from apparels, jewelry to electronic goods, home appliances and even pets’.It is the biggest department store in whole UK. Its motto is All Things for all people.

These stores are popular across the world, especially its temporary Christmas departmental stores. Harrods has a dress code policy since 1989; there were several incidences where the people were not allowed to enter the premises because of their inappropriate clothing and haircuts.

Which Tube station is near the Harrods?

Knights bridge station of London Tube is the nearest to the Harrods. Knightsbridge is located on the Piccadilly Line in Northeast direction on the Piccadilly line. It has two platforms and it lies in fare Zone1. It takes only 3 minutes by foot from the station to Harrods as it is only 300 meters. One has to walk along the Brampton road to reach Harrods. Taxi can also be used via Hans Cres to reach in 3 minutes.

Buses are also available from Knightsbridge Tube station to the Harrods. Bus number C1 is available for this route. The Knightsbridge tube station lies near the Hyde Park. The two adjoining stations are South Kensington and Hyde Park corner. It is also connected to the Brompton road Tube station. The last westbound departure of the tube is at 12:37 am and eastbound departure is at 12:28 am. It starts the operations in the morning before 6:00 am.

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