Changsha Metro

Changsha Metro Information

The Changsha Metro system is a subway transport network that serves the city of Changsha in the Hunan Province of China. Currently, it has only one operational line that began operation on the 29th of April, 2021. The 26.5 km long line, serves 23 stations in total. After line 2, there are 3 more lines under construction. It is operated by the Changsha Metro Corporation Ltd.

Changsha Metro Route

Currently, the Changsha Metro system has just 1 line, serving 23 stations. The Line 2, began operations in 2014 and runs along the east-west rail transit in Changsha. The reason for this being the busiest busses in the entire city. The line runs through 3 east-west passenger hubs of Changsha and 4 passenger flow collector-distributor centers.

Changsha Metro Timings and Schedule

The metro service starts operation at 6:30 am in the morning and runs until 23:30 pm in the night on a daily basis.

For information on the exact schedule of the trains, you can visit the official website at:

Changsha Metro Lines and Stations

After the completion of Line 2, Line 1 as well is soon going to be ready for service. It will span 23.5 km long and serve 20 stations, out of which 19 are going to be underground.
The list of the stations for both these lines are:

Line 1 Stations
  1. North Coach Terminal (汽车北站)
  2. Kaifu District Government (开福区政府)
  3. Beichen Delta (北辰三角洲)
  4. Kaifu Temple (开福寺)
  5. Xiangya Road (湘雅路)
  6. Yingpan Road (营盘路)
  7. Wuyi Square (五一广场)
  8. Huangxing Square (黄兴广场)
  9. Nanmenkou (南门口)
  10. Houjiatang (侯家塘)
  11. Nanhu Road (南湖路)
  12. Huangtuling (黄土岭)
  13. Tujiachong (涂家冲)
  14. Railway Institute (铁道学院)
  15. Youyi Road (友谊路)
  16. Provincial Government Office (省政府)
  17. Guihuaping (桂花坪)
  18. Datuo (大托)
  19. Zhongxin Square (中信广场)
  20. Shangshuangtang (尚双塘)
Line 2 Stations
  1. West Meixi Lake 梅溪湖西
  2. Luyun Road 麓云路
  3. Culture and Arts Center 文化艺术中心
  4. East Meixi Lake
  5. Wangchengpo (望城坡)
  6. Jinxing Road (金星路)
  7. Xihu Park (西湖公园)
  8. Yingwanzhen (溁湾镇)
  9. Juzizhou (橘子洲)
  10. Xiangjiang Middle Road (湘江中路)
  11. Wuyi Square (五一广场)
  12. Furong Square (芙蓉广场)
  13. Yingbin Road (迎宾路)
  14. Yuanjialing (袁家岭)
  15. Changsha Railway Station (长沙火车站)
  16. Jintai Square (锦泰广场)
  17. Wanjiali Square (万家丽广场)
  18. Renmin East Road (人民东路)
  19. Changsha Avenue (长沙大道)
  20. Shawan Park (沙湾公园)
  21. Duhua Road (杜花路)
  22. Changsha South Railway Station (长沙南站)
  23. Guangda (光达)

Changsha Metro Map

Map of Changsha Metro showing various lines and stations. Click on the map to enlarge it Download Changsha Metro Map in PDF.

Changsha Metro Fares, Tickets and Cards

The passengers of the metro system can purchase either single tickets or a pre-paid metro card. Special student cards and senior citizen cards are also available. The price of the tickets depends on the distance travelled. For a distance of 6km and below, the ticket costs 2 yuan. For distances between 6-16 km, 1 yuan is added to the base price (2 yuan) for every 5 km. For distances between 16-30 km, 1 yuan is added for every 7 km and for distances above 30 km, 1 yuan is added for every 9 km.

For more information on the fares,tickets and cards available, you can visit the official website at:

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