Milan Metro

Milan Metro Map

Map of Milan Metro showing different lines and stations. Click on the map to enlarge it. You can also Download the Milan Metro Map PDF.

Milan Metro Information

The metro in Milan is not only a great means of public transportation but is also an architectural marvel. In the year 1964 when operations began, the metro’s architects were awarded the most prestigious architectural award there is to offer in Italy. On just 4 lines, the metro spans an impressive 101 km long, serving a total of 113 stations along its way. The Azienda Trasporti Milanesi is responsible for the operations of this massive network that has a daily ridership of 1.5 million.

Milan Metro Timings, Frequency and Schedule

The metro begins operations at around 06:00 am in the morning and runs till half past midnight (00:30 am). On Christmas day and Labor day, the operation time is much reduced. The trains operate between 07:00-19:30.

All lines follow this timetable, with the exception of line M5, which begins operations at 06:00 am itself, but runs only till midnight (00:00 am). The headway of the trains varies along with the month and time as well. Separate schedules are followed in the summer months than the winter months. The minimum headway is of 2 minutes, with the maximum being 15 minutes.

Milan Metro Fares, Tickets and Cards

The metro offers different tickets and travel cards. The most basic is the Urban Ticket that costs € 1.50. These are for travel within Milan on the Milan city transport network, and are valid for 90 minutes after stamping. A carnet of 10 tickets costs €13.80. A one Day ticket can be purchased for €4.50, a Two day ticket for €8.25. An Evening ticket for travel after 8pm till end of service, costs €3.00. There is a weekly ticket that is available as well, it costs €10.00. A separate ticket is required for certain luggage, this ticket costs another additional €1.50.
Another type is the Extra Urban Tickets that have zone based pricing. A 1 zone ticket costs €1.60 and is valid for 60 minutes from stamping. A 2 zone ticket costs €2.30 and is valid for 90 minutes after stamping. A 3 zone and 4 zone ticket is for €3.00 and €3.70 respectively. Similarly, weekly passes are also available. The ticket for luggage still needs to be bought at the same price of €1.50.
Various travel cards are available to suit the needs. A Weekly travel card costs €11.30 and allows unlimited travel between Monday to Sunday. A Monthly Travel card costs €35.00 and Yearly card €330.00. Travel cards at discounted rates are also available for students and seniors from the age of 60 for women, and 65 for men. These are the fares when using the Urban Travel Card.
The Extra-Urban Travel Card has different fares. The fares are again calculated on a zone basis. The Weekly Travel Card for 1 zone costs €12.50, for the whole area costs €20.50 and the External Area 16 costs €21.50. Monthly passes are available and priced differently according to the number of zones. The Annual Travel Card costs €488.
For more information on the fares, tickets and cards, you can visit the official website at:

Milan Metro Parking

The Milan metro allows its passengers to make use of park and ride facilities. The management looks after the parking on metered road-side parking spaces. However, to make use of this facility a small parking fee needs to be paid.
For more information on the parking facilities, you can visit the official website at:

Milan Metro Rules and Tips

For safety purposes more than anything, the current passengers should be allowed to leave the trains before new passengers board. At all times, while boarding the trains and while on them, it is advisable to hold on to railing to maintain balance. Try not to litter or leave articles on board, especially newspapers. Those with prams, should use elevators as its more accessible. Also, while within the metro network, those with children should be extra careful.
For more information with regard to safety rules and tips to be followed, while riding the metro, you can visit the official website at:

Milan Metro Services

All stations and trains under the metro network have full HSDPA and UMTS connectivity. Stations are equipped with LED screens that give information about the incoming trains. In some of the trains, there are automated announcements in English and Italian, about the next station. The metro also provides car parking facility at various stations. The parking areas have allotted spaces for disabled and in some cases, parking areas are especially reserved for women drivers. These are called ‘pink’ spaces. The parking fees can be paid at the ticket machines or to an attendant. Weekly and yearly passes are also available.
Transport of bicycles in the metro is free. However, bikes are allowed after 8 pm till the end of service on all weekdays. These are allowed all day long on Saturdays and public holidays. In the month of August, bikes can be carried any time, on all days of the week. The bikes can be transported only in the carriages that are marked with a bike symbol.

Milan Metro Lines

Milan Metro consists of 4 lines which are identified by different numbers and colors. Metro lines M1, M3 and M5 are completely underground the M2 line has two surface branches, one at eastern end ad other at the southern end. Line M2 and M3 has an overhead power supply and line M5 is fully automatic. Metro line M4 is under construction and the line is scheduled to complete in 2015.

M1 Rho Fiera / Bisceglie Sesto 1° Maggio
M2 Assago Milanofiori Forum / Abbiategrasso Cologno Nord / Gessate
M3 Comasina San Donato
M5 San Siro Stadio Bignami
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