Lyon Metro

Lyon Metro Information

Drawing inspiration from the Montreal Metro in Canada, the Lyon Metro began operations a few years later, in the year 1978. The metro system operates on 4 lines, serving a total of 40 stations. The rapid transit line is a part of the Transports en Commun Lyonnais system and has a daily ridership of 740,000 (2013). This 32.1 km long metro system is supported by the tram network and together they prove to be a very important means of public transportation for the people of Lyon.

Lyon Metro Map

Map of Lyon Metro showing various Lines, Stations and Operational Routes of Lyon Metro System in France. Click on the Map to enlarge it. You can also Download the Lyon Metro Map PDF.

Lyon Metro Hours

The metro begins operations at around 04:00 am in the morning and runs till about 00:30 am, midnight.
For information with regard to the schedules of trains on each line, you can visit the official website at:

Lyon Metro Fare, Ticket and Cards

There are various types of tickets available for the passengers of the metro service. A single ticket costs 1.80 Euros, whereas, a Liberty 2-hour ticket costs 3 Euros. Booklets of 10 tickets are available for everyone. However, the price of the booklet is different for different people. For large families, the booklet of 10 tickets costs 11.70 Euros. Students can purchase it for a discounted price of 14.30 Euros and the booklet in general, without any special provision/rate costs 16.20 Euros.

The one-day ticket costs 5.50 Euros and the evening ticket costs 3 Euros. The evening ticket provides unlimited access from 19:00 pm, till the end of service hours.

There is a separate category of tickets which are very specific in nature. A Pass OpenTour 1 Day ranges from 8-19 Euros, depending on what one is looking for. While a Group ticket that is applicable only for groups of people costs just 1.40 Euros. The price for a Lyon City Card starts at 13.50 Euros and goes upto 42 Euros.

For more information on the fares, tickets and cards available, you can visit the official website at:

Lyon Metro Parking 

Park and ride facilities are available but only for the customers of TCL. As of now, there are around 25 relay parks with 7691 parking spaces in total. The relay parks are open from 04:30-01:00 am and passengers are not allowed to leave their cars overnight. These spaces are under video surveillance and are always monitored by a TCL agent. Facilities are available for bikes as well.

For more information on the park and ride facilities, you can visit the official website at:

Lyon Metro Rules and Tips

Travelling through metro is the easiest and fastest way to get around the city. The tickets need to be validated before entering the metro trains. Transit of small pets is allowed provided they are carried inside hand held cages. The metro also offers park and ride facility at various stations. The riders who hold valid metro tickets can park their cars for free. The parking also has pay and park areas.

Lyon Metro Lines

Lyon Metro consists of 4 lines serving 39 stations in total. All the lines are identified by different colors.
● Lyon Metro Line A – Line A, red in color was opened in 1978 and it is constructed using cut and cover method. In 2007, only one station was extended and the length of the line is about 9.2km. The metro train runs between Perrache and Vaulx en Velin La Soi. Line A runs through the city center and crosses the river Rhone. In 2017, line A will be automated.
● Lyon Metro Line B – Line B, blue in color was opened in 1978 and the length of the route is 7.7 km. Line B operates between Charpennes and Oullins Gare. Line B was first extended to Jean Mace and then to Gerland. During summer, Line A and B are very hot because they are not air conditioned.
● Lyon Metro Line C – Line C, orange in color was inaugurated in 1974 and the length of this route is 2.4 km. Line C serves 5 stations and the metro train route runs between Hotel de Ville and Cuire.
● Lyon Metro Line D – Line D, green in color was opened in 1991 serving 15 stations. The length of the route is 12.5 km. The metro train runs between Gare de vies and Gare de Venissieux. Through line D the metro runs through automatic operation and it is controlled by a system called MAGGALY. Line D is the deepest line constructed using boring machines.

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