Tube Station Near London Zoo

London Zoo is world’s oldest scientific zoo. It is located in regent’s park, London, England and was established in 1826. There are around 806 species of animals, making it 19178 individuals in the zoo.

Some of the attractions of the zoo are Gorilla Kingdom, Into Africa, Rainforest life and Land of Lions. It has been used in several films, television programs and music videos depicting wildlife animals. Some of the animals like “Guy” a western lowland gorilla, “Jumbo” the elephant from Paris and many more from this zoo became very in public.

Camden Town station of London Tube on northern line is the nearest from London Zoo. It is 1.1 km from the Zoo. The Camden Town station is located on the Northern Line. Around 20 minutes are required to reach the Zoo by foot . From the station, walk south-west on parkway then take right towards the Prince Albert road and then onto Outer Cir. It is reachable in 7 minutes by car. Arlington road can be used while driving from Camden Town metro station to the London Zoo. Public transport can also be used; bus number 274 is available for this route from Camden Town Tube station to the London Zoo. The journey is of approx. 15 minutes. Other stations near the Zoo are Regent’s park on, Baker Street and Marylebone Tube stations.

How to reach Camden Town Tube station?

The Camden Town Tube station can be reached using the Northern line from Kentish town, Euston Chalk Farm and Mornington Crescent.

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