London Tube Station Near Brick lane

Brick lane is situated in east London and is also known as Bangla town. The lane is in between Swanfield Street in the north to Whitechapel High Street in south. There are many famous curry houses. Most of the curry houses in Brick Lane don’t sell liquor as they are operated by Muslims. Some of the famous artists like Bansky and Ben Eine have done their graffiti art work here. Brick lane was used in many music album videos. Some of the other famous places on Brick Lane are Great London Mosque, Christ Church and Spitalfields. Night clubs like 93 Feet East and The Vibe bar are very famous since 1990s. As migrants from Indian subcontinent, especially Bangladeshis came here in the 20th century, it helped in the evolution of Anglo-Indian Cuisine in this part of London. Most of the art and fashion students display their artwork seasonally near the Brick lane.

What tube station is near Brick lane?

Both Aldgate East and Liverpool Street stations of London Tube are near the Brick lane. Liverpool Street is only 1 Km and Brick Lane can be reached by 12 minutes of walk via Sun St Passage. Another path from A10 road can be opted and it takes 13 minutes approximately. The shorted path by taxi from Liverpool Street tube station to Brick lane is via Commercial St/A1202. A taxi will take 6 minutes in good traffic conditions to reach the lane. There are buses also in every 2 minutes from the station to the lane.
The bus number 8, 26, 35, 47, 48, 149, 242, N8, N26 and N35 are available from the station and is a good option to reach the Brick lane.

Like Aldgate East tube station, Liverpool Street tube station also lies on Hammersmith & City line and comes under fare zone1.One can reach Brick Lane from Aldgate East tube station via Commercial St/A1202 in 11 minutes by foot, in 3 minutes by cab and in 6 minutes by bus number 67. Buses are available in every 10 minutes.

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