Kobe Rapid Transit Railway

Kobe Rapid Transit Railway Information

The Kobe Rapid Transit Railway is a special rapid transit system that serves commuters travelling to the Central districts in the Japanese city of Kobe.

Kobe Rapid Transit Railway Map

Map of Kobe Rapid Transit Railway showing its lines and stations. Click on the map to enlarge it or Download Kobe Rapid Transit Railway Map in PDF.

Kobe Rapid Transit Railway Lines

There are three lines that are part of this rail network in the city: the east-west Tozai Line, the north-south Namboku Line and the Hokushin Line. The Namboku and Tozai Lines were originally operated by the railway company with the Hokushin Line being a recent addition to the service.

Along the Namboku and Tozai Lines, the Rapid Transit Railway Company of Kobe does not operate its own services. Instead, it allows four other private railway networks to run their services through the city on the infrastructure that is provided by this Railway Company of Kobe. Up until September of 2010, the company was in charge of administration and operation of the stations along these two lines, except for the stations at Minatogawa, Nishidai, Motomachi and Sannomiya which were operated by the respective service operators. At present though, all the stations are maintained and administered by these four companies that run their services along the Namboku and Tozai lines.

The Hokushin Line was initially under administration of the Hokushin Kyuko Electric Railway. As the company fell on hard times in 2002, it sold off its rights to the Kobe Rapid Railway Transit Company. Here too the company does not operate services or maintain the platforms which is a responsibility of the Hokushin Kyuko Railway Company.

For fares information, visit the Official website of Kobe Rapid Transit Railway

Line Terminals Year Opened Newest Extension Length (km²) Stations
Tozai Line Nishidai —> Sannomiya/Motomachi 1968 7.2 10
Namboku Line Shinkaichi —> Minatogawa 1968 0.4 2
Hokushin Line Tanigami —> Shin-Kobe 1976 7.5 2
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