Nearest Metro Station to Railway Station in Delhi

Indian railways is the lifeline of India that connects various states together, likewise Delhi Metro has emerged as the lifeline of Delhi – It’s people and Thousands of travelers whouse Delhi Metro everyday to reach one of the four big railway stations in Delhi. Our Nearest metro station  guide provides you with a quick cheat sheet of the delhi metro stations to Railway Stations in Delhi.

The nearest metro station to various Railway Stations in Delhi :

  1. The nearest metro station to Old Delhi Railway Station is Chandni Chowk Metro Station of Delhi Metro.
  2. The nearest metro station to Anand Vihar Railway Station  is Anand Vihar Metro station of Delhi Metro.
  3. The nearest metro station to Hazrat Nizammudin Railway Station  is Indraprashtha Metro Station of Delhi Metro.  (The Nearest metro Station would be Jangpura – if you travelling by violet line)
  4. The nearest metro station to New Delhi Railway Station is New Delhi Station of Delhi Metro.
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