Public transportation in Frankfurt

One of the biggest advantages of living in Frankfurt is the inexpensive public transportation system in the city. For individuals who work or live in the city, it is practically unnecessary for them to own their personal means of conveyance. With Google Maps or even a manual map purchased from any tourist kiosk in hand, visitors will find it extremely easy to get around the German city of Frankfurt. 

If you are someone who enjoys going for a nice walk, the city center offers a nice place to stretch your legs. However, if you are racing against time, then you can always be reliant on the efficient public transportation network in the city. Let us study each of the various modes of transport in greater detail.

S-Bahn and U-Bahn in Frankurt

The Central Station in Frankfurt ranks as the most important transport hub in the entire nation. There are over a thousand services connecting Frankfurt with the other German cities as well as various other destinations around continental Europe. All nine of Frankfurt’s S-Bahn services have a stop at the Central Station. The service is largely punctual and you will also have a timetable detailing the stops for each train at every station along its journey route. The Frankfurt U-Bahn service features nine lines and serves the large northern suburbs of Oberursel and Bad Homburg besides the city of Frankfurt itself.

Tram service in Frankfurt

Frankfurt plays host to an extremely efficient tram service. They usually operate at ground level and run bang through the middle of the streets. The number of stops along the route of the tram service is significantly more than that of the trains serving the city of Frankfurt. Visitors are likely to be in for a shock as they will be required to walk up to the middle of the road to either get on or off an approaching tram. While there is very little hamr in doing so, ensure all the oncoming traffic has stopped before making your move. Drivers are required by law to stop behind the line so as to give the tram passengers the rule of the road. Nevertheless, be wary of the reckless ones who are keen to take the law into their own hands. The trams make stops at each of the designated places so you need not ring the bell to grab the attention of the driver when you find your destination approaching.

Bus service in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is well served by a number of buses. Names of each of the stops are announced prior to the arrival of the destination with the name of the place also coming up on screen. The bus network serves a really large area in the city and is a great option for reaching some of the distant suburbs that are not catered to by an otherwise comprehensive railway network in Frankfurt.

Taxi service in Frankfurt

The vehicles usually appearing as part of the Frankfurt taxi service are beige Mercedes. You can safely hail one of them on the city streets. Drivers normally expect a tip of around 5% to 10% or a round-off of the fare every time you take a ride on the cab. You can also book a call taxi through phone booking services offered by agencies such as Taxi Frankfurt. Most of them accept major credit cards for booking so you will not have any issues. You will also find the pedal powered Velotaxis operating between the Main Embankment and Opera Square and they are an excellent choice for those who wish to get a close view of the city.

Frankfurt is one of those few cities that are extremely friendly towards the bikers. So if, as a visitor, you wish to take good care of your health besides enjoying all the tourist attractions in the city, you can hire a bike and pedal your way around the tourist destinations along the well-defined biking tracks. There are a number of bike rental services around Frankfurt and they can be availed either by calling them or booking through Android apps.

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