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Hamburg S-Bahn Information

A very important means of public transportation, the Hamburg S-Bahn is a rapid transit system with 6 lines, serving 68 stations. Currently operated by the S-Bahn Hamburg GmbH, the network began operations in the year 1907 and is part of the Hamburger Verkehrsverbund (HVV). Out of the 6 lines that the metro system covers, 4 of them work at all hours and 2 of them especially during peak hours. The S1, S21, S3 and S31 are the four main lines, while S11 and S2 are operational only during peak hours. The Hamburg S-Bahn holds a track length of 147 km, with 221 million passenger using the service annually (2010). At some point the Hamburg S-Bahn and Hamburg U-Bahn, interconnect making both the networks accessible to its users.

Hamburg S-Bahn Metro Map

The Map of Hamburg S-Bagn Metro showing various route lines and stations is below.

Hamburg S-Bahn Metro Hours

The metro services operate from 4.30 am to 1.00 am on Monday-Friday. The frequency between trains during day time is around 10 minutes. Before 6.00 am and after 11 pm and on nights before holidays and weekend nights, the frequency is around 20 minutes. The peak time lines, S2 and S11 have lesser time interval between trains during mornings and afternoon. During weekends and on public holidays, the S-Bahn services operate all night.

Hamburg S-Bahn Metro Fare, Tickets and Card

Riders can buy Single tickets that are valid for only one trip per person. For unlimited travel in a day, Day Ticket can be purchased which include travel for 1 adult and 3 children (6-14 years). These can be purchased from vending machines.

There are various Season Tickets that provide saving and suit the needs of the travelers. There are CC-Ticket off-peak travel passes that allows travelling during off peak hours for 1 adult and 3 children. These can be used on Monday-Friday 9am to 4 pm and after 6 pm all ay on public holidays and weekends. Seniors can also buy Senior citizen season tickets that are valid after 9 am Mon-Fri and all day long on weekends and public holidays. Concessionary tickets are also available for students, trainees and children.

The system also offers cheap rates for employees of a company that has an agreement with the HVV. It is provided in the form of ProfiCard. Apart from that there is an Abo-Karte, which is a yearly travel pass.

Areas /
Fare zones
Single Ticket  9 am Day Ticket (9-Uhr-Tageskarte)*
1 person + 3 children aged 6-14price in €
All Day Ticket (Ganztages-

1 person
+ 3 Kinder
(6-14 Jahre)
price in €
9 am Group Ticket (9-Uhr-Gruppen-

up to 5 persons any ageprice in €
Single Ticket Child (Einzelkarte Kind)
(aged 6-14)price in €
9 am Day Ticket Child (9-Uhr-Tageskarte Kind)*
(aged 6-14)price in €
Greater Hamburg Area (fare rings AB)
or 1–2 rings (rings AB)
3,20 6,20 7,60 11,60 1,20 2,30
3 rings 5,10 10,20 11,60 18,00
4 rings 7,10 12,40 15,20 23,20
Entire network (fare rings ABCDE) 8,70 16,40 19,00 26,00 2,40 4,60

For more information on tickets and pricing, visit

Hamburg S-Bahn Metro Parking

Parking of personal vehicles is available at park and ride area. The parking area is connected to public transport, and you can easily transfer to a bus or rail.

Hamburg S-Bahn Metro Rules and Tips

At stations, the passengers are well informed about the line, route, stopping position of next train and destination, or any disruption in the services through the electronic passenger information systems. Bicycles are allowed free of charge before 6 am and between 9 am to 4 pm on Monday-Friday and all day long on public holidays and weekends. Two bicycles are allowed per car.

The system also provides free of charge, car park and ride facility, where riders can park their cars in the HVV service area and ride on public transport services.

Hamburg S-Bahn Metro Lines / Hamburg S-Bahn Routes

The Hamburg S-Bahn Network consists of two main routes in east to west direction that are between the north and south city, apart from this,  S-Bahn is connected by 6 routes. Altona and Hauptbahnhof are connected with each other. The metro rail route covers 12.5 km within the tunnel, and it covers 7.9km in single track route. Hamburg S-Bahn operates through four main lines, and they are S1, S21, S3, S31. During peak hours two additional lines S11 and S2 are being used to run the metro. The trains with a single digit number run through the inner city tunnel while trains with  two digit numbers run through Verbindungsbahn to Dammtor.

  • S1 Line – the S1 line of Hamburg S-Bahn starts from Wedel touching Hamburg airport and finally, the route ends at poppenbuttel.
  • S21 Line – the S21 line starts from Elbgaustrabe and the route ends at Aumuhle.
  • S3 Line – The S3 line of Hamburg S-Bahn starts from Pinneberg, and while touching other main stations and regions, the metro service ends at Stade.
  • S31 Line – the S31 line operates only during daytime and rush hours. The metro route starts from Altona and its ends at Neugraben.
  • S11 Line – The S11 line of Hamburg S-Bahn operates only during peak time. The metro line operates from Blankanese to Poppenbuttel.
  • S2 Line – The S2 line also runs during the peak time. The metro runs between Altona and Bergedorf.

Among the 68 stations of Hamburg S-Bahn, 10 are fully operated through the underground. Three stations are located in the center of Hamburg, and one station is at Hamburg airport. Most stations have a single island platform, and you will find two island platforms where interchange stations are located. The interchange stations are Altona and Hauptbahnhof. The terminal stations are Neugraben and Pinneberg, and they are located between and side platform and island platform. You will find electronic passenger information system at all stations and that are used to inform the passengers about metro line, route, time, the next train and missed connection.

Hamburg S-bahn Pictures

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