Berlin S-Bahn

Berlin S-Bahn Information

The Berlin S-Bahn is a rapid transit system that serves the areas in and around Berlin, Germany. The system began operations on 8th August 1924, and presently has 15 lines that serve 166 stations. The system has a total track length of 332 km (206 miles). The metro system is operated by S-Bahn Berlin GmbH. As per 2012 statistics, the system had an average daily ridership of 1,300, 000 passengers and an annual ridership of 395 million passengers. S-Bahn is integrated with Berlin U-Bahn, which is built underground and is a integral part of public transportation system in berlin.

Berlin S-Bahn Map

Map showing various lines and stations of Berlin S-Bahn. Click on the map to enlarge it. You can also Download Berlin S-Bahn PDF Map.

Berlin S-Bahn Hours

The S- Bahn operates from 4:00 am to 1:00 am on Mondays-Fridays. On weekends the metro operates all day. On Saturdays, the service operates from 5:00 am till 1:00 am. On Sundays, the timings are 6:30 am to 1:00 am. Comprehensive night time service is provided on Saturdays from 1:00 am to 5:00 am and on Sundays, from 1:00 am to 6:30 am.

Berlin S-Bahn Fare and  Cards

The fare system on Berlin S- Bahn is zone based and is divided into three zones A, B and C. All tickets can be purchased through vending machines or from ticket counters.

Passengers who use the public transport system rarely can buy single ticket. The cost of this ticket for adults for zone Berlin AB is 2.70€, for zone Berlin BC is 3.00€ and for zone ABC is 3.30€. For children aged 6-14 years, reduced fares apply. The reduced fare for zone AB is 1.70€, for zone BC is 2.10€ and for zone ABC is 2.40€. The single ticket is valid for two hours and provides unlimited transfers within these two hours.

Group tickets can be purchased for a group of up to five people. The ticket provides discounts, and costs 16.20€ for Berlin zone AB, 16.50€ for zone Berlin BC, and 16.70€ for zone Berlin ABC.

A Day ticket provides unlimited travel in a day and is valid from the time of validation till 3:00 am the next day. The adult fare for Berlin zone AB is 6.90€, for Berlin BC is 7.20€, for ABC is 7.40€ and for overall network costs 21.00€. The reduced fare for Berlin AB is 4.70€, for Berlin BC is 5.10€ and for Berlin ABC is 5.30€.

A 7-Day ticket provides unlimited travel for seven consecutive days. It is valid from the time of validation till the midnight of the seventh day. For Berlin AB, the ticket costs 28.80€, for Berlin BC it costs 29.70€ and for Berlin ABC, the ticket costs 35.60€.

Discounts can be availed by purchasing a 4-Trip ticket. The ticket is available only for zone AB and costs 8.80€ for adult, while the reduced fare is 5.60€. This ticket is valid for two hours after it has been validated.

Various types of Tourist tickets are also available for various durations. These tickets also provide discounts at various tourist attractions. These tickets can also be purchased online.

Children under 6 years of age travel free.

For more information on tickets and pricing, visit

Berlin S-Bahn Parking

Parking facilities are available next to many S-Bahn stations. There are bicycle lanes available at sidewalks. There is multi storey car parking available at cheap rates.  Outside the ring of S-Bahn park and ride facilities are also available.

Berlin S-Bahn Rules and Tips

Single tickets should be validated immediately after starting the journey. These tickets cannot be transferred after a journey has started. Transit of small pets like dogs, is allowed on the metro. When the person accompanying the dog has a single ticket, a reduced fare ticket needs to be purchased for the dog. For rest of the tickets, one dog can travel free of charge while a reduced fare ticket is required for additional dog. Bicycles can also be carried on the metro by purchasing a bicycle ticket.

Berlin S-Bahn Lines

Berlin S-Bahn serves 15 lines and it mostly runs above the ground. Train stations are recognized with its white S symbol. The rapid transit network system can be classified into three groups.

  • Stadtbahn lines serve from east to west through the city center. S3, S5, S7, S75 is included in the first group.
    • S3 – S3 operates between the route Erkner and Ostkreuz.
    • S5 – S5 operates between the route Spandau and Strausberg Nord.
    • S7 – S7 operates between the route Ahrensfelde and Potsdam Hauptbahnhof.
    • S 75- S75 operates between the route Wartenberg and Westkreuz.
  • Nordsudbahn line operates from the north to the south through the city tunnel. S1, S2, S25 are included in group2.
    • S1- S1 operates between the route Wannsee and Oranienburg.
    • S2 – S2 operates between the route Blankenfelde and Bernau.
    • S25 – S25 operates between the route Teltow Stadt and Hennigsdorf.
  • Ringbahn line runs in a circular route on the south eastern branch. S41, S42, S45, S46, S47, S8, S85, S9 is included in group 3.
    • S41 – S41 operates between the route Sudkreuz clockwise.
    • S42 – S42 operates between the route Sudkreuz anticlockwise.
    • S45 – S45 operates between the route Sudkreuz and Flughafen Schonefeld.
    • S46 – S46 operates between Konigs Wusterhausen and Westend.
    • S47 – S47 operates between Spindlersfeld and Hermannstrabe.
    • S8- S8 operates between Hohen Neuendorf and Zeuthen
    • S85 – S85 operates between Waidmannslust and Grunau.
    • S9 – S9 operates between Blankenburg and Flughafen Schonefeld.
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