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Nanjing Metro

Nanjing Metro Information The Nanjing metro is a rapid transit system that serves the population in the city of Nanjing, China. The system began operations on 3rd September 2005, and presently has two lines, which serve 55 stations. The network has a total track length of 87 kilometers. The system has an annual ridership of… Read More »

Chongqing Rail Transit

Chongqing Rail Transit Information The Chongqing Rail Transit or CRT or Chongqing Metro is a rapid transit system that serves Chongqing in China. The system began operations on 18th June 2005, and presently has 4 lines that serve 92 stations. The system has a total track length of 168 km. Line 1 and Line 6… Read More »

Foshan Metro

  Foshan Metro Information Foshan Metro or more commonly known as FMetro, is a rapid transit system that serves the city of Foshan, Guangzhou. The tenth metro system to be operating in mainland China, the FMetro currently operates on 1 line, serving 18 stations in total. This 27.3 km long network is majorly operated by… Read More »

Wuhan Metro

Wuhan Metro Information The Wuhan Metro service is the very own Metro service for the city of Wuhan in the Hubei Province of China. The network at present comprises three different lines, with the latest inclusion- Line 3- opening as recently in December of 2013. The year 2018 has been set as the deadline for… Read More »

Beijing Subway

Beijing Subway Information The Beijing Subway is the oldest metro service operating in mainland China, since the 1st of October 1969. Second only to the Shanghai Metro system, it is the second longest metro network with 18 lines, covering 334 stations and spanning over a length of 554 km. Despite this, it is unable to… Read More »

Tianjin Metro

Tianjin Metro System Map

Tianjin Metro Information Only the second Chinese city to have a Metro system gracing its public transportation network, the first line of the Tianjin metro was initially opened for operation in 1976. Only four kilometers long, it was extended to over seven kilometers in 1984 before services were suspended at the turn of the century… Read More »

Suzhou Rail Transit

Suzhou Rail Transit Map

Suzhou Rail Transit Map Map of Suzhou Rail Transit showing various lines and stations. Click on the map to enlarge it or Download Suzhou Rail Transit map in PDF. Suzhou Rail Transit Information: The Suzhou Rail Transit, or simply known as, the Suzhou subway is a relatively young metro network in the world. However, by 2020, if things… Read More »

Hangzhou Metro

Hangzhou Subway,Hangzhou Metro, Zhalongkou Station

Hangzhou Subway Information Despite being just the 17th rapid transit line in the People’s Republic of China, the Hangzhou Metro began operations not so long ago, in the year 2012. Functioning on 3 lines and serving 57 stations in total, it has a daily ridership of approximately a million passengers. Not only does it serve… Read More »

Ningbo Rail Transit

Ningbo Rail Transit Information Currently in the development stage, the Ningbo Rail Transit serves the people of Ningbo, China and is just the second metro network that is operational in the Zhejiang Province. The rapid transit operates on just 2 lines, with a total number of 6 lines planned. The idea is to connect the… Read More »

Shenyang Metro

Shenyang Metro  Information The Shenyang metro began operations in the year 2010, while its trial period began a year in advance. Currently, this 55 km long metro network runs on 2 lines and serves 43 stations in total. Despite beginning operations only recently, it is the 7th metro network to be in operations in China.… Read More »