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Seville Metro Information 

The metro service in the Spanish city of Seville finally opened its door to commuters during the spring season of 2008. It has an annual patronage of as many as 14 million passengers. It operates on a small scale, serving just twenty two stations with only three passenger coaches comprising a single train unit. However, being clean and efficient with a commendable regularity of operations, the service has proven itself to be highly successful. During the festival seasons of Feria and Semana Santa, when parking along the Seville Streets are available at a premium, the importance of this Metro service is beyond parallel. On its completion, it became the sixth,  functional metro network in Spain.

Seville Metro Map

Map of Seville Metro showing its lines and stations. Click on the map to enlarge it or Download Seville Metro map in PDF.

Seville Metro Lines

Out of the four lines that have been planned for the Seville Metro service, there is only one line in operation. It runs in an east-west direction, from Montequinto to the Aljarafe Ciudad Expo suburbs in the Triana hills. It passes through the Seville City Center and Los Remedios before travelling on towards San Bernardo that offers Cercania suburban rail services. The Nervion Station, close to the Sanchez Pizjuan Stadium- home of Sevilla FC- is located on this route. This eighteen kilometer line subsequently travels into the residential areas to the east of the city.

Line 2 has been planned as another east-west service but lies further to the north of Line 1. It will operate between Torreblanca and Puerto Triana stations while touching places such as the bus station at Plaza de Armas, Seville City Center and Santa Justa Rail Station along the way. The route is expected to stretch for around thirteen kilometers with seventeen stations along the length.

Line 3 is expected to have a north-south alignment between Bermejales and Pino Montano while the circular Line 4 will be a link for all the three lines of the Seville Metro service.

Seville Metro Fares

The Seville metro fare system is divided on the basis of zones. There are three zones, while each zone is called a ‘hop’. Below is a table, with information on the fares of the different types of tickets that are available:

 Ticket / Card 0 hops 1 hops 2 hops
One way 1.35€ 1.60€ 1.80€
Return 2.70€ 3.20€ 3.60€
Undergroudn Travel card 0.82€ 1.17€ 1.37€
Full day Unlimited 4.50€

Seville Metro Hours

It has slightly different timings, on different days of the week. From Monday-Thursday, the trains operate from 06:30-23:00 pm. On Fridays and on the eves of other holidays, the metro service is extended till late in the night. On such days it operates from 06:30-02:00 am. Saturday and Sunday are lazy days for the metro. It begins operations at 07:30 am and runs till 02:00 am and 23:00 pm, respectively.

The frequency of the trains too differ in similar fashion, with addition to the time of the day playing a crucial role as well. The minimum time interval between two trains is 4-5 minutes, during the peak hours of weekdays and the maximum time interval between two trains is 15-16 minutes, during the wee hours of all the days.

For more information on the timings, frequency and schedule, you can visit the official website at:

Seville Metro Rules and Tips

When you hear the beeping sound near the door, move away from the door as the sound is the signal for its opening/closing. Special features are available for the disabled people, which help them communicate with the train driver that they are getting off at the next station, and therefore, stop for a few more minutes. Bicycles can be carried on the trains, however, at certain timings, there are certain restrictions imposed on the number of bicycles that can be carried. Smoking, eating, drinking, photography and videography are prohibited on the trains. Families with baby strollers can, too, utilise the metro along with the stroller provided it causes no discomfort for the other passengers. No such conditions are imposed on the transportation of animals via the metro. No excuse can be given, and they aren’t allowed to ride the metro.

For more information on some additional rules and tips, that might come in handy, you can visit the official website at:

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