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Madrid Metro Information

The metro with the most number of elevators. The Madrid metro is known not just for that record but it is also deemed to be the 8th longest metro system in the world. It’s importance to the public transportation division of Madrid, Spain and its people is shown in its annual ridership of more than 560 million (2014). With 13 lines in total, serving a whooping number of 301 stations, the system measures 293 km, in length. Although it began operations way back in the 1919’s, it is still considered to be among the top 20 growing metro networks around the world.  To complement the rapid transit, a light rail named Metro Ligero was opened nearly 10 years ago.

Madrid Metro Map

Map of Madrid Metro showing various lines and stations. Click on the map to enlarge it or Download Madrid Metro Map in PDF.

Madrid Metro  Hours

The metro is an extremely convenient means of public transportation in Madrid, with its flexible timings and quick service being two of the main reasons. It operates between 06:00-02:00 am, the next day. Same timings are applicable on all days however, the frequency of the trains differ according to the day and time of the day as well.

On weekdays the trains have a headway of 3-6 minutes, with exception to the late night services. The frequency of trains reduces as the night approaches, ranging from nearly 9-15 minutes. Saturdays work slightly differently, and so do Sundays and other holidays. On Saturdays, during the day the trains have a headway of about 4-9 minutes. The maximum time interval between the trains is again during late night hours, with one train every 13 to 15 minutes. Sundays and other holidays have a lot of things in common with the Saturday timings. With everything same except that, the headway of trains shifts from 4 to 7-9 minutes, minimum.

For more information on the timings, frequency and schedule of each line, you can visit the official website at:

 Madrid Metro  Fares, Tickets and Cards

The fare system on the metro network is zone based. A single one trip ticket for Metro Zona A costs 1.50-2.00€. Tickets can be purchased for 10 trips, on either metro Zona A or EMT buses. The ticket costs 12.20€ and is valid on all Zone A stations and EMT stops. To travel on the Metrosur network (Line 12), a single trip ticket and 10 trip Metrosur journey ticket costs 1.5€ and 11.20€ respectively. These tickets are valid on travel between Line 12 stations and Puerta del Sur and Joaquin Vilumbrales stations on Line 10.

To travel on MetroNorte (Line 10), a single ticket costs 1.5€ and 10 trip Metronorte journeys cost 11.20€. The tickets are valid for all stations between Hospital Infanata Sofia and La Granja stations on the MetroNorte network.
Similarly one trip and 10 trip ticket for travel on MetroEste (Line 7) cost 1.5€ and 11.20€ respectively. To travel on TFM (Line 9), a single trip and 10 TFM journeys cost 2.00€ and 12.20€ respectively.

To travel on whole of the metro network, a combined ticket, Metro Combined ticket can be purchased for 3.00€. This ticket is valid for one journey on the entire network on any day of the week. Similarly, a Metro Combined 10 journeys ticket costs 18.30€.

Various types of Season Tickets are also available. To travel on all types of public transport, a Transport Season Ticket can be purchased. It provides unlimited rides on the public transport in the desired zone and time period. This ticket comprises of a card and magnetic voucher and is personal. The ticket is valid for people in the age group 23-64 years.

Tourists can purchase Tourist Transport Season Ticket for 1, 2 3, 5 and 7 days. The ticket can be used on consecutive days. This ticket is personal and cannot be transferred and can be used on all forms of public transport within the region and within the validity period.

All tickets can be purchased from vending machines and ticket booths and children under the age of 4 get to travel for free.

For more information on the fares, tickets and cards, you can visit the official website at:

 Madrid Metro Parking

There are no park and ride services available at Madrid metro station. Car parking spaces are only available Atocha station and you will be required to parking fees.

 Madrid Metro Rules and Tips

The tickets need to be validated at turnstiles both at entry and exit stations. Transit of bicycles is allowed at specific times during Monday-Friday from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm and from 9:00 pm till the close of operations. On weekends and public holidays, the bicycles can be carried all day. Guide dogs accompanying disabled persons are allowed on the metro.

 Madrid Metro  Lines

Madrid metro has 13 lines and the rapid transit system started operation in 1919. Most lines are built underground and most metro stations are built with two side platforms. All the lines are recognized by number and color.
● Line 1 – Line 1 operates between Pinar De Chamartin and Valdecarros and the length of the route is 23.8km serving 33 stations.
● Line 2 – Line 2 operates between Las Rosas and Cuatro Caminos and the length of the route is 14km serving 20 stations.
● Line 3 – Line 3 operates between Villaverde Alto and Moncloa and the length of the route is 16.4km serving 18 stations.
● Line 4 – Line 4 operates between Arguelles and Pinar de Chamartin and the length of the route is 16km serving 23 stations.
● Line 5 – Line 5 operates between Alameda de Osuna and Casa de Campo and the length of the route is 23.2km serving 32 stations.
● Line 6 – Line 6 is the only circular metro line in the world with length 23.5km serving 28 stations.
● Line 7 – Line 7 operates between Hospital del Henares, Pitis and Estadio Olimpico, the length of the route is 32km serving 30 stations.
● Line 8 – Line 8 operates between Nuevos Ministerios and Aeropuerto T4 and the length of the route is 16.4km serving 8 stations.
● Line 9 – Line 9 operates between Paco de Lucia, Puerta de Aganda and Arganda del Rey, the length of the route is 39km serving 29 stations.
● Line 10 – Line 10 operates between Hospital Infanta Sofia, Tres Olivos and Puerta del Sur, the length of the route is 36km serving 31 stations.
● Line 11 – Line 11 operates between Plaza Eliptica and La Fortuna and the length of the route is 8.5km serving 7 stations.
● Line 12 – Line 12 is a circular line that operates entirely outside the city of Madrid. The length of the route is 41km serving 28 stations.
● Line R – The line R operates between Opera and Principe Pio and the length of the route is 1km serving 2 stations.
● Line ML 1 – It is the line that operates between Pinar de Chamartin and Las Tablas with the length of the route 5.3km serving 9 stations.
● Line ML 2– It is the line that operates between Colonia Jardin and Esta cion de Aravaca with the length of the route 8.6km serving 13 stations.
● Line ML 3 – It is the line that operates between Colonia Jardin and Puerta de Boadilla with the length of the route 13.6km serving 16 stations.

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