Dalian Metro

Dalian Metro Information

The Dalian Metro service began operations in the year 2003. With 4 lines, out of which 2 are urban and 2 are suburban lines, it serves a total of 56 stations. The lines are owned and operated by two separate companies, with Dalian Public Transportation Group Co. Ltd in charge of lines R2 and R3 and Dalian Metro Co. in charge of lines M1 and M2. This 141 km long network operating in the Dalian in Liaoning, China, is expected to have around 10 lines in the near future. With an annual ridership of 103 million as of 2014, we can expect that number to magnify in the coming years.

Dalian Metro Fares

The fare on the Dalian Metro system depends on the number of stops. The lowest ticket between two stations costs just 1 Yuan. With the increase in the number of stops, the price of the ticket also increases. The ticket for travelling between more than two stations is 2 Yuan. The fare between Dalian and Golden Pebble Beach is 8 Yuan and between Dalian and Jiuli it costs 7 Yuan.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dalian_Metro#Tickets

Dalian Metro Lines

If things go according to plans, the Dalian Metro network is then expected to have as many as 12 lines. Currently operating on 4 lines, 2 urban and 2 suburban lines, it serves nearly 56 stations in total. The information on each of the lines is given below in this table:

Line Terminals
     Line 1 (M1) Yaojia Huizhanzhongxin
(Ganjingzi) (Shahekou)
     Line 2 (M2) Jichang Huiyizhongxin
(Ganjingzi) (Zhongshan)
     Line R2 Hekou Lüshunxingang
(Tram Route 202 Extension Line) (Shahekou) (Lüshunkou)
     Line 3 (R3) Dalian Railway Station Jinshitan(Jinzhou)
(Jinzhou Eastern Line) (Zhongshan) Jiuli(Jinzhou)

Dalian Metro Map

Map of Dalian Metro showing various lines and stations. Click on the map to enlarge it or Download Dalian Metro Map in PDF.

Dalian Metro Pictures

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