Tube Station near Greenwich Park (London)

Greenwich Park is one of the Royal Parks of London. It is the biggest green space in southeast London. It is around 74 hectares wide in area and stretches 1000 meters by 750 meters. It was owned by Henry VI till 1427 and was originally meant for hunting. It is near the river Thames and National Maritime museum in the north. It is right along a hillside and seems like it has two levels from the hill top. In the center of the Park lays the Royal Observatory, Greenwich. In the south lies the Black heath and in the east Vanbrugh Castle. In the West Chesterfield Walk and Croom’s Hill are located which are architecturally famous. On the upper part of Greenwich Park is a flower garden with a duck pond and a cricket pitch. On the lower part of the Park a very popular children’s playground is there and a boating lake adjoining to the ground. It acted as an avenue for Olympic 2012 equestrian events and for the running and riding of the Pentathlon events. In 2006 the final stage of the Tour of Britain cycle race was also hosted at this Park.

Which tube station is near Greenwich Park?

Cutty Sark station is only 7 minutes away from Greenwich Park. The Cutty Sark station is only 500 meters from Greenwich Park. By taxi it takes only 2 minutes to reach the Park. The bus is also another option; there are buses in every 3 minutes from the tube station to Greenwich Park. The buses the run on this route are number 177,180,199 and 386.

Cutty Sark  station is a part of the Docklands Light Railway network. It is situated right in the center of Greenwich Town. The station can be reached from Island Gardens and Greenwich stations. It comes under fare zone 2 and 3.

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