London Tube Station near British Library

British library is located at 96, Euston Road, London. It is also called National library of the UK and was created in 1973. It holds around 170 million items from many countries and languages from different eras of time. The library holds around 14 million books comprising manuscripts and ancient items which are about 4000 years old. This is the world’s largest library and receives the copies of books which are published in the UK. The British Library has an incredibly long shelf space of 9.6 kilometers. There are many books and original scripts which are also present in digital form and library updates them online also. People can have access to around 30,000 images of many medieval books. The books of Leonardo DA Vinci are also digitized here. There are several old books and manuscripts in the Sir John Ritblat Gallery open for public every day for no entrance fee. British Library also holds around 20 million sounds and moving image recordings. Some of the featured and treasured collections in the British Library are Codex Sinaiticus 4th century old Bible manuscript, Diamond Sutra oldest printed book from the year 868, Lindisfarne Gospels, Bible from Moutier-Grandval Abbey and the only original copy of the poem Beowulf.

What tube station is near the British Library?

King’s Cross St. Pancras station of London Tube is the nearest to the British Library. The tube station has 8 platforms and is well connected with 7 stations directly. It serves Victoria line, Hammersmith ,City line, Metropolitan line, Northern line, Circle line, and Piccadilly line. The British library is located at a distance of only 500 meters from King’s Cross St. Pancras tube station and one can reach in 5 minutes via Midland Road. By taxi the distance is a bit more, but reduces time to 4 minutes depending on the traffic conditions. There are buses every 6 minutes from the tube station to the library. King’s Cross St. Pancras tube station comes in Fare Zone1.

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