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Public Transportation In Rio de Janeiro

The Brazilian capital city of Rio de Janeiro, at first glance, may seem extremely sprawling and vast. However, if you are looking to get around and spend most of your time in the neighbourhoods that are popular among the tourists, you will find it to be a very easy task. From the Sao Conrado to… Read More »

Recife Metro

Recife Metro Information The Recife Metro service, or Metro as it is simply referred to, is the Metro railway service that is in operation in the Brazilian city of Recife. Operated jointly by Metrorec and CBTU, the current service has a route that is nearly forty kilometers long and caters to as many as twenty-nine stations… Read More »

Brasília Metro

Read our Guide to Brasília Metro

Brasília Metro Map Information Officially opened in March 2001, the Brasilia Metro is a rapid transit system serving the region of Brasilia, Brazil. Currently it runs 2 lines, serving 24 stations with 5 new stations planned for construction. The metro system is operated by the Companhia do Metropolitano do Distrito Federal (Metrô-DF), and runs along… Read More »

Salvador Metro

Salvador Metro Information The city of Salvador, Brazil, has two different railed means of public transportation. Out of the two one being the Salvador metro system. A mere infant in a world of metro systems with history, the Salvador metro which is currently operating on just 1 line, officially began its operations in the year… Read More »

Fortaleza Metro

Fortaleza Metro

Fortaleza Metro Information The Metro service in Fortaleza, commonly referred to as the Metrofor network, is a forty-three kilometer long meter-gauge rail network in the Brazilian city of Fortaleza. The system has recently undergone modernization work with an aim to provide commuters with a comfortable and reliable transit service. The Fortaleza Metro network has two… Read More »

Belo Horizonte Metro

Belo Horizonte Metro Train

Belo Horizonte Metro Information The metro service in Belo Horizonte is well known for an ignominious reason- it transports commuters from seemingly nothing to nowhere, owing to the fact that the network does not run close to any of the numerous places of interest, popular neighbourhoods and avenues around the city. The metro service has… Read More »

Teresina Metro

 Teresina Metro Information There is a light rail system in place in Teresina that operates along nine stations and was set up on tracks that had been laid down way back in 1922. Although it is referred to as a Metro service, the entire system runs above ground level. While the rolling stock of the… Read More »

Rio de Janeiro Metro

Public Transportation in Rio De Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro Metro Information The Rio de Janeiro metro is a metro system with very humble beginning. When it began operations way back in the year 1979, it served only 5 stations. Now, the system is operational on 2 lines that are spread over a distance of 41 km, covering 36 stations in total.… Read More »

Public Transportation In Brasilia

Public Transportation in Brasilia

Brasilia City and its Layout Being the capital city of the South American nation of Brazil, Brasilia witnesses a large influx of lobbyists and sightseers everyday. The construction of the city was carried out in an extremely rational manner with two traffic-ways dividing the city and forming its characteristic bow and arrow image. The Eixo… Read More »

São Paulo Metro

Sao Paulo Metro Information The São Paulo Metro system was founded on 24th April 1968 and is the largest in Brazil and the main rapid transit system of São Paulo. It is the most popular means of Public transport in Sao Paulo. It also ranks as the third largest in Latin America and is the… Read More »