Red Line (Cleveland)

Red Line Information

The Red Line Metro service (Route 66) in Cleveland runs down to the Louis Stoke Station in the East Cleveland territory of Windermere from the northeast Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. The network serves many popular destinations along the route such as Little Italy, University Circle, Downtown Cleveland, Ohio City and West Park.

This rapid rail transit system that connects the Cleveland Airport to the central downtown districts can be easily accessed from the lower levels of the airport terminal (to be precise, it is at a level below the baggage claim center). If you go beyond the baggage claim counter number six, you will come across an escalator travelling down while just opposite to it is an elevator service. For those who wish to take the stairs, head over to the Welcome Counter beyond which you will find a flight travelling downwards. Once you reach the lower level, finding the station is not an issue as a well-marked signboard reads “Trains to Downtown.” You will find a couple of ticket machines at the entrance to the station where you can purchase your single-ride or multi-ride tickets or even day-long travel passes before you board the train to your destination. It has daily ridership of 26,500 passengers.


Red Line Cleveland Map

Map of Red Line in Cleveland showing its stations. Click on the map to enlarge it or Download Red Line (Cleveland) Map in PDF.

Red Line Cleveland Hours

Trans on Red Line Cleveland run every 15 minutes from 4:00 am in the morning till 1:00 am next day. Extra services are run during rush hours.

Red Line Cleveland Tickets and Fares

  • One way tickets can be bought for $2.25
  • 5 trip cash card can be bought for $11.25
  • Daily pass can be availed for $5 ( $2.5 for children), it entitles you for unlimited travel on RTA rapid transit and RTA buses.
  • Weekly and monthly pass is also available.
  • Disabled and seniors can avail discounted tickets while traveling on Red Line  of RTA Rapid Transit.

Red Line Cleveland Stations and Parking

Name Disabled Friendly Parking Facility
Cleveland Hopkins Airport Yes No
Brookpark Yes Yes
Puritas – West 150th Yes Yes
West Park Yes Yes
Triskett Yes Yes
West 117th–Madison Yes Yes
West Boulevard–Cudell Yes Yes
West 65th–Lorain Yes Yes
West 25th–Ohio City Yes No
Tower City–Public Square Yes No
East 34th–Campus No No
East 55th Yes Yes
East 79th No No
East 105th–Quincy Yes No
University Circle Yes No
Euclid–East 120th No No
Superior Yes Yes
Louis Stokes at Windermere Yes Yes
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