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Metro Bilbao Information

The Metro service in Bilbao operates between all the major regions in the Bilbao city center and the suburban regions. The prestigious architect, Sir Norman Foster, was in charge of designing the entrances to each of the Metro stations that can be identified very easily thanks to a post bearing three interlinked circles standing outside the stations.

Metro Bilbao Map

Map of Metro Bilbao showing its lines and stations. Click on the map to enlarge it or Download Metro Bilbao map in PDF.

Metro Bilbao Lines and Stations

The present Metro network in Bilbao comprises two lines. The first phase of Line 1 was introduced to the public in the month of November in 1995, featuring twenty-three stations between the terminals at Plentzia and Casco Viejo. The railway tracks in the Bilbao suburban regions were formerly a part of the FEVE and Euskotren Trena services. By July of 1997, the total number of stations along the route went up to twenty-seven as new stops were inaugurated at Gobela, Bolueta, Basarrate and Santutxu.

While Line 1 operates along the north of the Nervion River, the second line- Line 2- lies to the south. The two services run a common network up to the San Inazio station from where the latter splits and heads out towards Santurtzi. Originally, five stations were opened for the service that began operating in the month of April in 2002. It was extended eastwards with stations at Etxebarri and Sestao being added during January 2005. Portugalete and Abasolo stations were added to the route two years later while Santurtzi and Penota were the latest additions to be made during the month of July in 2009.

Line 3 is a work in progress and is expected to commence operations by the year 2016 while studies are being conducted to determine the viability of setting up another couple of lines to further add to the existing network.

Line Terminals Length Stations in service Total stations
1 Etxebarri – Plentzia 33,3 km 28 29
2 Basauri – Kabiezes 22,3 km 25 25
3 Santurtzi – Mamariga 400 m 2 2

Metro Bilbao Hours

From Monday to Thurday, the Bilbao Metro runs from 6 AM till 11 PM. On festivals and Friday the service runs late until 2.00 AM. On Weekends the trains run throughout the night. All through the Bilbao’s Great Week the service is extended throughout the night.

Metro Bilbao Fares

Type 1 Zone 2 Zones 3 Zone
Single-Trip 1,40€ 1,50€ 1,60€
Round-Trip 2,80€ 3€ 3,20€
Day Pass (Unlimited) 4€
Monthly Pass (Unlimited) 29,40€ 35€ 40,70€
Youth Card (12 Month Unlimited) 188€ 221€ 255€
Super 50 (50 trips in 30 days) 24,50€ 29€ 32,50€
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