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Shanghai Metro Information

The Shanghai metro is no small metro. The longest metro network in the world. Second to only the Beijing Subway when it comes to annual ridership. This metro network is special. The entire network stretches over 588 km in length, covering three areas, Shanghai, Kunshan and Jiangsu. It is a very convenient means of public transportation. In addition to which it is linked with the other means of public transportation in Shanghai, making it all the more convenient. Therefore, it comes as no surprise to find out that the annual ridership of this network is more than 3 million. The impossible task of effectively running this massive network lies with the Shanghai Shentong Metro Group, who have been in charge of it, since it first began operations in the year 1993. The shocking bit is, despite being one of the largest metro networks in the world, it is still looking at massive expansion. By the year 2025, if everything goes according to plan the network could measure around 1000 km in length.

Shanghai Metro Map

Map of Shanghai Metro showing various lines and stations. Click on the Map to enlarge it or Download Shanghai Metro Map in PDF.


Shanghai Metro Hours

The metro begins operations at around 05:00 am in the morning, and runs till midnight (00:00 am). The frequency of the trains however, differ according to the time of the day. During peak hours, the trains have a headway of not more than 3 minutes. While, at other times of the day, the frequency of the trains can range from 4 minutes to 12 minutes.

For more information on the timings, frequency and schedule of the trains, you can vist the official website at:

Shanghai Metro Fares, Tickets and Cards

The fare system for Shanghai metro is distance based. For distance under 6 km, the fare is 3 Yuan. After that 1 Yuan is charged for every 10 km. Only for Line 5 which is the Xinzhuang – Minhang Development Zone, the charges are 2 Yuan for less than 6 km. For the remaining distance the fare is 3 Yuan.
Senior citizens over 70 years of age can travel free except during rush hours. They need to provide their Social Security cards.
Single ride ticket embedded with RFID contactless chips are available that can be bought from ticket counters or vending machines. On exiting, these tickets need to be returned in a slot, where they are stored and recycled. The transit system also uses a Shanghai public transportation card. A 20 Yuan deposit needs to be paid while purchasing them. These cards can also be used in buses and taxis. The metro system offers a one day card for unlimited travel on a single day. This can be purchased for 18 Yuan and can be bought only at the metro stations service centers. While, a three day card that is valid for 72 hours is available at 45 Yuan.
Children up to the height of 1.3 meters can ride the metro for free. But on one condition, that only one child can travel for free.
For more information on the fares, tickets and cards, you can visit the official website at:

Shanghai Metro Parking

Most stations offer park and ride facilities to the metro passengers.

Shanghai Metro Rules and Tips

Extreme importance is given to the disabled and needy people. They should be given priority while boarding and exiting the trains. Bicycles, animals (except guide dogs), flammable substances, skateboards, smoking, spitting etc.are prohibited within the metro network. Similarly, the passengers are responsible for the network’s cleanliness, as a result of which, food and drink is prohibited.
For more information on the rules and tips to be followed, while using the metro, you can visit the official website at:

Shanghai Metro Lines

Currently, Shanghai metro has 14 metro lines that offer services to 7 million passengers daily. Several other lines are still under construction and further there are plans to connect Shanghai metro with the metro system of Suzhou and Wuxi.

Line Terminals
Line 1 Fujin Road(Baoshan) Xinzhuang(Minhang)
Line 2 East Xujing(Qingpu) Pudong International Airport(Pudong)
Line 3 North Jiangyang Road(Baoshan) Shanghai South Railway Station(Xuhui)
Line 4
Yishan Road(Xuhui) Yishan Road(Xuhui)
Line 5 Xinzhuang(Minhang) Minhang Development Zone(Minhang)
Line 6 Gangcheng Road(Pudong) Oriental Sports Center(Pudong)
Line 7 Meilan Lake(Baoshan) Huamu Road(Pudong)
Line 8 Shiguang Road(Yangpu) Shendu Highway(Minhang)
Line 9 Songjiang South Railway Station(Songjiang) Middle Yanggao Road(Pudong)
Line 10 Xinjiangwancheng(Yangpu) Hongqiao Railway Station (Minhang)
Hangzhong Road (Minhang)
Line 11 North Jiading (Jiading)
Huaqiao (Kunshan, Jiangsu)
Luoshan Road(Pudong)
Line 12 Qufu Road(Zhabei) Jinhai Road(Pudong)
Line 13 Jinyun Road(Changning) Jinshajiang Road(Putuo)
Line 16 Luoshan Road(Pudong) Dishui Lake(Pudong)


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