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Metro-North Information

Second only to the Long Island Rail Road in terms of being the busiest metro system in North America, the Metro North Railroad or simply known as the Metro-North, operates in southeastern regions of New York and southwestern regions of Connecticut since 1983. It operates on 5 lines, serving more than 120 stations in total. It it is the Metropolitan Transportation Authority or the MTA that is responsible for the operations of this huge network, spanning over 1000 km in track length. Why is it considered to be the second busiest metro system in North America? On an average, it had a daily ridership of nearly 300,000 as of the year 2014.

Metro North Railroad Timings and Schedule

The timings on the Metro-North differ according to the lines. The lines itself, are divided into two categories, one operating in the west the other in the eastern side. However, that been said, the trains generally begin operations at around 05:00 am in the morning and run till nearly 02:00 am. There are lines/stations on which trains begin to operate as early as 03:00 am and run till just 22:00 pm.

For more information on the timings and schedules of the trains, you can visit the official website at:

Metro North Railroad Fares, Tickets and Cards

Various options are available to commuters for paying the fares, you can buy one-way, weekly, monthly, ten-trip or city ticket. The tickets can be bought on board, at the ticketing offices, online through WebTicket or by availing the monthly ticket-by-mail service called Mail&Ride . The prices differ on the basis of peak hour and off-peak hour travel. The passengers also have the option to purchase a MetroCard. A round trip ticket costs just $5.50 dollars with the card.

During off-peak hours, the fare of the metro is nearly 25% lesser as compared to during the peak hours. Most of the daily/single ride tickets are valid for a period of 60 days. Senior citizens and disabled people have the benefit of paying just half the normal fare for a one-way trip. Elderly people need to be 65+ years old to take advantage of this senior citizen concession offered. The same fares are applicable to children between the age group of 5-11. Travelling in groups of 10 can facilitate savings in one way. The percentage of savings depends, with the fare being nearly 40%-50% cheaper.
For more information on the fares, tickets and cards, you can visit the official website at:

Metro North Railroad Rules and Tips

For safety purposes, the metro displays signboards on the platforms as to where one should be standing waiting for the train. This helps to improve the efficiency of the metro with minimal instances of passengers getting confused. While onboard the train, try to hold on to the railings especially if standing. Leaning against the doors is not advised either. In case of an emergency or some kind of injury, the emergency cord should be used. Be careful while using the elevators and escalators, especially when with children.

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Metro North Railroad Lines

Following lines of Metro-North are currently operational :

● Hudson Line runs between Grand Central Terminal and Poughkeepsie stations.
● Harlem Lines runs between Grand Central Terminal and Wassaic stations.
● New Haven Line runs between Grand Central Terminal in New York to New Canaan, Danbury, Waterbury and New Haven stations in Connecticut.
● Port Jervis Line runs between Hoboken Terminal and Port Jervis stations.
● Pascack Valley Line runs between Hoboken Terminal and Spring Valley stations.

Metro-North Map

Map of Metro-North showing its lines and stations. Click on the Map to enlarge it or download Metro-North Map in PDF.

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