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Naples Metro Information

The system of underground railways in the Italian city of Naples, mostly under the management of Metronapoli, is the fastest way of travelling around most of the regions bordering the districts of Greater Naples.

The presence of a Metro station is indicated by a red M sign. The metro system provides a convenient way to travel around the city as the lines 1 and 2 cover most of the city center, and Museo, Garibaldi and Montesanto stations serve as the main connection points for further transfer to other stations. It serves a total number of 22 stations along its 20.2 km long track network. It’s popularity among the locals and tourists alike is no secret, with it having an annual ridership of 46,000,000 (2013).

Naples Metro Fares

The Naples metro system uses an integrated fare system called Unico Napoli which allows travel on all forms of public transport of Consortium companies in Naples.

Riders can purchase hourly, daily or weekend tickets as per the need. A 90-minute ticket can be purchased for €1.50. This ticket is valid for 90 minutes after it has been validated for the first time. A daily ticket costs €4.50 and is valid till midnight of the day for which it has been purchased.

Frequent travelers have an option to purchase monthly and annual travel passes. A monthly pass can be used for unlimited travel in a month and can be purchased for €42.00. The card is valid for one calendar month and is valid till the last day of the month. Whereas, an annual pass can be purchased for €294 and can be used for unlimited travel for 12 months from the first day of the first month for which it has been purchased. The validity of the card ends on the last day of the last month of validity. The card can be used on all types of public transports by the Consortium companies in the urban area of Naples.

All tickets can be purchased from vending machines located at stations or from tabacchi (tobacco shops) and newsstands. The tickets have to be validated before the journey starts.

The above mentioned fares are applicable to the users of the metro service within the municipality. However, there are some other set of prices for different kinds of travel. For detailed information on the fares, tickets and cards, you can visit the official website at:

Naples Metro Timings, Frequency and Schedule

As off now, Line 6 is closed to the public and only Line 1 is operational. The metro begins operations at around 06:00 am in the morning and runs till 23:15 pm. With respect to the frequency of the trains, their frequency differs with the time of the day. The minimum headway being 8 minutes, while the maximum being nearly 20 minutes.

For more detailed information on the timings, frequency and schedule of the trains, you can visit the official website at:

Naples Metro Services

Almost every metro system has an art gallery of some kind, with a great story behind it. These are paintings that one does not get tired of seeing. Adding to this aesthetic beauty, there are certain services provided by the Naples metro to make travelling safer and more comfortable in many ways. The management continuously listens to complaints and takes corrective measure when they can. An effective system to deal with lost items is also in place that often acts as a safety net for many passengers. Maximum effort has been taken to make the metro accessible to even the disabled crowd.

For more information on customer services offered by the Naples metro, you can visit the official website at:

Naples Metro Map

Map of Naples Metro showing various lines and stations. Click on the map to enlarge it.


Naples Metro Lines and Stations

The metro network in Naples isn’t too extensive as such add operates on just 2 lines, Line 1 and Line 6. The entire length of the network spans just a little more than 20 km. As of now, Line 6 is not under operation but when it does, it caters to 4 stations. It first began operations quite recently, in the year 2007 and contributes to just 2.2 km in length, to the entire network. In this regards Line 1 has a much deeper history and is of considerable greater importance. Serving 18 stations since the year 1993, it has an annual ridership of more than 30 billion passengers.
The names, line on which it operates, the year it opened and the type of station it is, is given below in the form of a table:

Station Lines Opened Type
Augusto Line 6 2007 underground
Chiaiano – Marianella Line 1 1995 viaduct
Colli Aminei Line 1 1993 underground
Dante Line 1 2002 underground
Frullone – San Rocco Line 1 1995 viaduct
Garibaldi Line 1 2013 underground
Lala Line 6 2007 underground
Materdei Line 1 2001 underground
Medaglie d’Oro Line 1 1993 underground
Mergellina Line 6 2007 underground
Montedonzelli Line 1 1993 underground
Mostra Line 6 2007 underground
Museo Line 1 2001 underground
Piscinola Line 1 1995 viaduct
Policlinico Line 1 1993 underground
Quattro Giornate – Cilea Line 1 2001 underground
Rione Alto Line 1 1993 underground
Salvator Rosa Line 1 2001 underground
Toledo Line 1 2012 underground
Università Line 1 2011 underground
Vanvitelli Line 1 1993 underground
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