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Tianjin Metro Information

Only the second Chinese city to have a Metro system gracing its public transportation network, the first line of the Tianjin metro was initially opened for operation in 1976. Only four kilometers long, it was extended to over seven kilometers in 1984 before services were suspended at the turn of the century to undertake reconstruction work as the volume of passenger traffic had become too high for the system to handle.

Ever since, the Tianjin metro network has undergone massive expansion and renovation work. At present, the network has as many as four different routes- Line 1, Line 2, Line 3 and Line 9. Construction work is in progress on Lines 4 and 5 while plans are in place for the other Metro routes that are soon to come up around Tianjin city. Tianjin Metro handles 41.8 million passengers annually.

Tianjin Metro Lines

The construction of Line 1 was more of a renovation project. It was setup on the existing surface-level railway tracks and thrown open to commuters back in 2006. There are twenty-two stations along this route that runs for a length of twenty-six kilometers.

Trial operations were conducted on Line 2 in the month of July in 2012. Owing to a structural accident that occurred at Jianguodao Station, the operations on this line were conducted in two separate sections. This went on till 2013 when the affected stations were reopened on completion of the reconstruction project. This twenty-three kilometer long line features nineteen different stations along the way.

Line 3 runs down from the Northwest to the Southeast and began operations in the month of October in 2012. It operates along a twenty-two kilometer stretch and features twenty-one stations. Of the total route length, twenty kilometers of the service is underground, one kilometer at ground level and the remaining is on elevated surface. Out of the twenty-one stations along this route, one is at an elevated level, one at ground-level while the remaining nineteen are in underground tunnels.

Line 9 runs along just North of the River Haihe and operates in an east-west direction. It started operations in the year 2004 and is the longest route yet at fifty-three kilometers track length. However, there are only nineteen stations along the route. The Tianjin Binhai Mass Transit Development Company is in charge of operations of this route which also serves as a point of interchange with the TEDA Tram Service.

Tianjin Metro Fares

Based on the distance to be traveled, the fares of Tianjin Metro range between  2 and 5 Yuan. Students and seniors may also buy discounted tickets by producing valid proofs. City card holders can also avail discounted fares while transfers between different modes.

Tianjin Metro Map

Map showing various lines and stations of Tianjin Metro. Click on the map to enlarge it or Download Tianjin Metro Map in PDF.

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